12/25/18 - My 1st Christmas

Mom made me wear the same outfit again today. I don’t like it because the fabric isn’t very stretchy, but she said I look cute and it won’t fit me again so tough luck. Mom’s are trouble… Anyways, we got to relax and I played with my toys from yesterday all morning. Mom and Dad gave each other presents and I had a couple to open. Just little ones. We try not to focus on toys and more on enjoying time. So I laid in the sun and made all kinds of noise! It was great! At noon time, we went to the other side of my family to see them for their Christmas dinner. I met some more of my family that I hadn’t met yet. It was really exciting for me; and exhausting! I napped on the floor on my blanket and didn’t really do much else. Christmas makes you tired. -Heath

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