1/10/19 - I Did It!

I made it thru that yucky medicine and am feeling just a tad more like myself already today. Mom and I have been snuggled up and relaxing. She was so sad for me the last few days and we didn’t get much sleep, but I’m on the up and up. We are trying to feel better about the R word stuff and just roll with the punches. I have another general check up February 6th and an Echocardiogram then too. Hopefully we can just get some questions answered then. I guess that I don’t have another cath lab now for 6 months! So, I’m not sure how comfortable we are waiting that long to know everything is okay or not. Hopefully the transplant team can explain and help us feel more clear about everything. But, anyhow, I am a little better today. No bad medicine today to make me miserable. Thank you for the kind wishes and cards. -Heath

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