1/12/19 - Back To It

Feeling much better today. I slept good last night and ate good today. Nothing big planned, but snuggles with my Mommy and play time.

I laid on the floor and played like normal today. It was nice to feel good and get a little wild. I love to kick my toys, as you know, and make them all make sounds at the same time. It’s pretty funny. Sometimes, Mom or Dad will be on the phone talking to someone and I’ll see that and make my toys go off so they pay attention to me instead. I’m pretty smart like that. I’m doing good with tummy time nowadays. I don’t love it yet, but I can get off my tummy good if I’m sick of it. So, I think that makes me feel better about it. I’m still a little behind in the crawling department, but if you’ve been reading my updates, you know I scoot myself around great in other ways. The booty scoot works perfect. -Heath

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