1/13/19 - Eczema

I had a rough eczema flare up after all the bad medicine for my rejection and we had a tough time getting it to go away, but with a couple Aveeno powder water baths and some cream, we finally got my skin happy and me comfortable again. I didn’t get as bad of Eczema as some kids on the medicines I am on do, but Mom said any of it is just not okay. She wants nothing but the best for me. I’ve been thru way to much. So, we worked hard at it and now, my skin looks great again! The other day, my head got a little of it and mom baby oiled my whole head and hair. I looked like “slick rick” Dad said and laughed. It was kind of gross, but it worked good. I guess that the Tachrolimus is really bad, especially, on your skin and you have to watch for stuff like this happening. We are learning all of this as we go. I’m good though. Happy! On another note, you wouldn’t believe how clean and nice my scars all look! I have so many of them, but they are really not so bad. We have always kept them lotioned up and it’s really helped. -Heath

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