1/4/19 - Cath Lab Day

I’m not afraid at the doctor any more. It’s like a second nature thing now when we have appointments. get your blood drawn, get checked out, maybe a procedure that day or maybe not and all the normal rigmarole. It’s days like today that can be a little scary for Mom and Dad though.

Today was my 6 month Cath lab to check on my donor heart and make sure it’s still healthy. I have to go to the hospital bright and early. Mom and I left our house at 4:15am and drove to the hospital just in time for my 7am appointment. I had to go to the pre-op check in upstairs and they had me get all gussied up in a gown and wristbands (they put my wristbands on my ankles because I’m little). Then, Mom had to answer all kinds of questions and updates before I left to go back to OR for my procedure.

I gave her big smiles so she knew I was okay. The staff let me keep my blankie to go back, too. It’s always very hard when Mommy has to let me go out of sight with anyone. It’s scary for her and she gets very sad. I know and we just don’t want to have to be stuck back here, in the hospital. It’s a good place because they saved my life many times, but it’s not place to be. It’s kind of a bad place too, i guess.

My procedure lasted a couple hours, maybe a little less. They put me to sleep and it takes a while to wake up, so I went to a different floor upstairs in Day Surgery to recover and so they can watch my vitals. The procedure went well. They took a scope thru an artery in my leg up to my heart to look around and take a small biopsy to study for rejection signs. We had to wait a long time for results from the procedure, and the care team wanted to double check my bad left lung to make sure it still looked healthy (since sometimes it doesn’t sound so good when they listen with a stethoscope). So, I had to go, in my bed, down stairs to Radiology for an X-Ray.


The X-ray looked great, so that was nice to see. I woke up and was about ready to go home when we eventually got back upstairs to my room. I got some food and got dressed to go home. It was getting pretty late. Mom talked with my doctor from transplant before we left and she told her that my results from the cath lab showed good function and that my heart looked good. They hadn’t gotten the results of the biopsy back yet and they would call later. So, we went home. I was absolutely exhausted and we didn’t get home until almost 6pm. Really long day, but just so happy to be home. -Heath

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