1/16/19 - Happy Teething

As you can see, no teeth yet, but I am teething like a mad man! Mom and Dad haven’t gotten any sleep with me, but I am one happy boy still. I’m not sure why night time is hard when teething? I’m a good sleeper and have always slept a good solid ten-twelve hours ever single night since I came home, but this teething stuff has me pretty restless. I am learning to chew on special toys for my teeth and my fingers help alot, too. I don’t like cold stuff on my gums yet, but hoping that I will learn too soon. Grandma and Grandpa both keep saying that will help alot. Anyhow, two bottom teeth are about to pop! We are all excited, but I’m just trying to be happy. Mommy gives me some Tylenol when I need it and we are trying new things to help. Do you have any ideas on things that help when teeth are coming in? -Heath

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