1/17/19 - Something New

First off, yes my hair is thinning again. No worries, Mommy’s on it! It’s from my medicine. So, that why there is cream in my hair in these pictures. Anyhoo…I got to try something new today! Daddy brought home a little walker thing for me! We try not to have too many toys and things in the house because I honestly don’t play with much except the ones I really like, so we hadn’t gotten one of these yet. I like it though! I sit in a sling seat, just like in my bouncy chair, and it lets me sit strait up and play and I can push myself around. Well, I still need to learn how too, but I really like this new “seat” so far. I haven’t been very confident yet, enough to try to move myself anywhere, but I like the toys and will sit up in the seat for a long while very comfortably. It’s really fun, getting bigger and stronger. I’m able to do so much more. -Heath

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