1/20/19 - Farm Kid

I had so much fun playing with my tractors today. For Christmas, my Grandma and Grandpa got me this one (in the picture) and it’s the best. Not only is it Red (Farmalls are the best!), but it’s a tractor toy and a pillow! So cool! I can’t wait for the weather outside to warm up so I can go outside and see more of our beautiful farm. I want to ride on a tractor this year! I want to see the cows and horses and play with the dogs out in our yard. Mommy promised to take me for lots of walks outside so I can see everyone. It’s going to be so much fun and such an adventure every single day. I have such a wonderful life. So thankful to be home. So, so happy to be home! You know what’s new, too? I recognize home now. Like when we get home from an appointment day, I get really smiley when I know we are in our long driveway. I make excited sounds to let Mom know I know we are home, too. That’s a good feeling. Knowing where “my” place is. My home. -Heath

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