1/22/19 - Eleven Months Old

Oh my gosh you guys, today was quite the day! First, I’m eleven months old today already! What?! That is so crazy and exciting and did I say crazy? I feel like I was just born. My first year is going so fast. Happy Eleven Month Birthday to me!

Unfortunately, I spent the day in Milwaukee at my hospital. It was supposed to be a “big” day and I was supposed to get my…boy stuff done (I couldn’t have it done when I was born like a normal little boy…because of everything). The surgeon wasn’t able to do my procedure, so it was almost a wasted trip. Mom was pretty upset. She had gotten me up at 4am, stopped my feeds as instructed, then drove me two and half hours in a literal snowstorm to get to our appointment and they just cancel. So, to try to save the day, we contacted all of our doctors with upcoming appointments and tried to get in early. Luckily, we were able to see my G.I. doctor and make use of our trip. It was a great appointment, too. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. -Heath

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