1/24/19 - Flannel Kinda' Man

I started my new food today. Mom said it smells like Chicken Pot Pie. That’s a little weird, but I tried a little taste and liked it. I won’t eat this by mouth, but i could if I wanted. It’s a little too soupy, though. So, I had it thru my tube today and am tolerating it well so far. Keep me in your prayers. If I do well with this transition, it’s a big deal! I felt really good all day and have a lot of energy. That is a good sign! I was in my flannel PJ’s all day today and it was wonderful. I went to Grandpa’s house for a minute and said Hi. He liked my PJ pants and said I was cool. I feel cool. I’m definatly a flannel kinda man. I have outgrown most of my flannel now, though, so we may have to find more in my size. I’m already outgrowing 18 month clothes! I can’t believe it! Neither can mom! I wear 24 month clothes most days now. They are a little big, but the 18 month clothes are just too short. I have a long body. My doctors still think I’ll be tall. Hey, I forgot to tell you that at my last appointment I was almost 19lbs! I grew a bunch! I’m still teething and drooling right now. It’s made my days a little up and down emotionally because it doesn’t feel very good. I’m getting excited for teeth, though. I like to chew really hard on stuff right now, to try to help them come thru. I think that’s all for today. -Heath

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