1/25/19 - Cucumber

You would have been so proud of me today, guys! I sucked on a cucumber wedge! Like knawed on and sucked the juice out of it! It’s such a hug ordeal! I’ve never ever sucked on anything but my thumb like that. It’s been such a hard thing for me to learn. I’ve never wanted a bottle or binkie or anything like that. Today, though, Dad was eating cucumbers and let me try some. I started liking it and decided to munch on it. Then, i was suddenly sucking the juice out of it. It made my Mom tear up a little. Such a great moment in my progress. I know it may sound so simple, but it’s the start of me learning to drink. When I learn to drink, the feeding tube can come out. When that comes out, I’m “normal”. The feeding tube is the biggest health thing we are dealing with right now, besides managing my heart. So, anyhow, I really like cucumbers. We are going to keep trying them every day for a while and then maybe some other things that are similar. Do you have any ideas for juicy vegetables or fruits that I may like and can suck on? We are thinking maybe I could try watermelon, mango or tomato wedges next? I can’t have anything with Grapefruit or Pomegranate because it will mess with my medicines in a bad way. If you have any ideas, though, let me know. -Heath

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