1/27/19 - Oatmeal

I tried something new today; banana oatmeal. Well, it’s baby rice cereal…I like it though. At first, Mom gave me a bite and I made some funny faces. What a weird texture! It was warm, too, which threw me for a loop. The last thing I had that was warm, was some mashed potatoes. So, to have warm food with a weird gritty texture was something I didn’t expect. I did end up really liking it though and ate most of what Mom made for me. I put some in my hair, too, in-case I wanted it later. Sometimes, my puppy Lilly, will come and sniff me like I smell good. She tries to steal my hair food. Silly dog! Mom cleaned me up good when I was done eating today. The warm belly full of food made me extra sleepy and I took myself an hour and a half nap. That’s a really long afternoon nap for me. Usually I only nap about fifteen minutes or so. I didn’t nap again today, so that was probably way too long of a nap. It was nice though. I was kind of disappointed I was sleeping when my Grandpa was here and didn’t get to see him. He helped Daddy with round bales for the horses. We are supposed to get a big snow storm tonight. Mom said the snow that is supposed to come could be as tall as I am! That is so crazy to imagine. I haven’t touch snow yet, but I know that it is cold. I’m so happy to be all snuggled in my blankie right now, getting ready for bed. -Heath

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