1/28/19 - Naps Are Life

I know I’m growing up and stuff, but I’m almost sure that I will never not like naps. I don’t nap as much as I used too, but I love a good afternoon snooze on the floor, in the sunshine still. I like to have a good hour, if Mom let’s me. Today was so much fun. I woke up to see all kinds of snow outside. We had a lot! Like a lot! I was supposed to go to Milwaukee for a doctors appointment to look at my vocal cord, but with the snow, Mom didn’t think it was safe to take me so far; I got to stay home instead. It was nice! So, while Mom was at work, Dad was with me and we made plans on how to plow it all when she got home. When I get bigger and stronger, I can go play in it, he told me. It’s going to be so much fun! For now though, I’ll enjoy the warm house. Speaking of warm, today I had myself another bath and I think I’m outgrowing my bath tub? Well, almost. I have a plastic tub from Grandma that is little and has a seat in it. It’s supposed to make bath time safer. Now that I’m a little bigger though, when I stretch out in the tub, my feet touch the end. So, I think Mom and I will be deciding on the next way to give me a bath safely. Any suggestions? It’s nice not to have to fill up the big people tub, so we don’t waste water. So, we will come up with something. I also have to be kind of careful not to soak in water above my feeding tube site (not too deep). It’s not that big of a deal. Anyhow, after my warm nap and my warm bath, I played so hard. My new food has been going great and I have so much energy now, so when I was playing with my crinkly book in my chair tonight, I got wild! Dad was across the couch and I would hit my book and make it make noise and then he would do it. Then me; then him. It was a blast. I kicked and yelled all excited. Mom just laughed. We are all so happy nowadays. I think I will sleep pretty good tonight, once I settle down. Good Night. -Heath

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