1/31/19 - Hair-Loss, Skin Issues and Teething

You may have noticed that my hair has changed. not only is it so much lighter now, but it’s thinner, too. It’s been something Mom has become pretty sad about, but we are working on getting my skin healthy. It’s the medicines, unfortunately. The immuno-suppressant medicines I take are really hard on my skin and in turn, my scalp. So, unhealthy skin/scalp equals hair loss. Mom gives me a colloidal oatmeal bath twice a week and it really helps. The morning before my bath, she just started coating my head in colloidal oatmeal balm and rubs my scalp. Then, after my bath, before I get dressed I get colloidal oatmeal balm all over my body; head to toe. It’s the only thing that we have found that works. We tried so many different lotions and washes that are supposed to help, but nothing seems too except the colloidal oatmeal stuff. So, hopefully, after doing this for a few weeks, we will see a difference. I get really itchy before bath day though and it makes Mom really sad. We will figure it out. I think at my appointment with my transplant team next week, we are going to see if it’s okay for me to try taking an Omega 3 supplement. Mom thinks it will help, after doing some reading. So, we will see. Other than all the hair and skin drama from medicines, I’m doing pretty good. It’s been kind of a stressful week, but I am lost in my own little world and so concerned with teething right now that I could care less about anything else. I just chew, chew, chew on my teething keys and anything else that I can. Mom has to change my shirt during the day from all of the drool. My teeth are coming though and that’s so exciting! Hopefully I’ll have some before my birthday! -Heath

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