2/1/19 - Letters and Cards

Thank you guys so much for the recent letters and cards you sent to my PO Box. Mom picked them up today. There was a package we couldn’t get because the office was closed, but we will get it Monday. She’s reading them to me now while I sit in my seat. I am so entranced and happy listening to the kind words. It really makes us feel so good that people like you have so much love in your hearts that you can send kind letters to me. I know I am only little right now and you might think I don’t understand, but I promise that I do. Mom and Dad have been reading your thoughts and prayers to me my whole life now. It’s gotten me thru some very tough times. So, anyways, I just wanted to say thanks again. I’ve defiantly gotten a lot of new friends from all of the adversity in my life so far. Just know that your words really do make a difference. And of course I love the gifts! My crib and home are filled with some much love. Mom keeps all your cards and letters and art and things in a book for me to look at when I’m older. Someday we page thru it just for fun, too. In July, for my 1st Heart Birthday, we are going to have a big celebration in town that we will be sure to invite everyone, too. But, anyhoo…My day has been good so far. I haven’t left the house, thankfully, because it’s pretty cold out still. Going to rest up over the weekend for a busy week next week of appointments. Mom gave me the best bath last night and my skin feels so soft and happy, so that’s good. She also cleaned up and plaid my toys nice for me and a fresh blanket to play on, on the floor. I’m thinking I’m going to enjoy myself a nice nap and then play until my toys are completely a mess again. That sounds really fun to me. Then, Mom said we are going to go thru my clothes tonight and pack up anything too small. My baby cousin will be coming soon and can hopefully use my clothes. I’m too big for everything! We need to get some bigger stuff soon. I’ll be in 2T clothes by my birthday Mom said. That’s so crazy! What else? Oh, we were sitting earlier today and I helped Mom fold laundry. I sat up so good! I am getting better at controlling my body from falling forward and backward. Now to just control the side to side core movements and I’ll be golden! getting bigger is so much work, guys. I’m doing good, though. I can’t wait until Tuesday and my new G tube port. It’s going to be so nice to not have a big ugly, in the way, tube hanging from my tummy. I’ll be able to be (safely) so much more active. Just you wait! -Heath

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