2/10/19 - Turtling

Nice relaxing day. Sunday’s are bum days for us. It’s so nice to wind down and just relax and not have to go anywhere. Mom and I were laying on the floor and enjoying a sunshine nap together. I like tummy time pretty well nowadays. Mom says I’m like a turtle when I’m on my tummy yet, though, because I’m still learning to roll and although I can do it, I sometimes get stuck. So I’ll lay there and rock back and forth kind of like a turtle on it’s back (but I’m on my tummy). We are writing an early post today, so I’m not sure about what else to say except that I’m happy. Right now we are watching a silly squirrel outside the patio window that found himself a big corn cob from the field and it’s pretty heavy for him to move. He’s dragging it thru the snow. Ha, ha. talk tomorrow. Enjoy your own Sunday Bum-day! -Heath

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