2/11/19 - Raspberries & Drool

Hey! It’s me! The “teething monster”, “drool master 3000”, cute little goober face kid. Well, those have been my nicknames for the last week it seems like. I’m not really enjoying teething. It’s rough. I am, however eating and now starting to dabble with the idea of drinking, much better since I have learned to manage all this drool. I learned to swallow it. Sounds silly, maybe, but it’s really been kind of a God-sent. I don’t choke on liquidy stuff anymore and that is awesome. Most kids, i guess, don’t like to eat good during teething time because it’s uncomfortable but I’ve been a little backwards. Also, I have a small amount of something we think is pretty funny sounding; drool rash. Drool rash? Who gets a rash from drool? Me i guess? It’s not bad at all and Mommy has been on top of it, but I have SOOOOO much drool coming out of my mouth that it’s no wonder my skin is mad about it. It’s drowning my lips!? Ha, ha, ha! Mom has even been having me wear a bib sometimes thru out the day to try to save my clothes from the drool. I don’t mind. It’s kind of like I have a kool bandanna on. I did learn, now, that I can make something Mom and Dad call a “raspberry”. I purse my lips together against my tongue sticking partway out and then blow and make a fart sound. All kinds of drool comes out with the air. It’s really fun. Okay, I’m kind of gross. I’m going to bed now. Ha! -Heath

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