2/12/19 - Storytime

Most nights, at bedtime, Mom reads to me. She says it’s her time to just enjoy being my Mom and it’s time for me to wind down and get relaxed for bed. I LOVE my storytime. I always give her the biggest smiles and i kick my legs and squeal with excitement. We always lay together on the big bed and Mom will prop me up in some blankies and pillows so we can snuggle comfy and read. Mom tries to just read me one story every night so my books last, but I am good at talking her into reading a couple. I love all books. Tonight we read from my Disney bedtime book, my Uncle Jake got me for Christmas. We read a Whinnie The Pooh story, a Lady and the Tramp story and I forgot the name of the other one about big guy that played in an arcade? They were so good. Mom was just finishing the last story and I was starting to get sleepy, so I snuggled into the covers deeper and then Dad popped in to say good night. I am so sleepy tonight now. I played really hard today. I was supposed to go to my physical therapy and speech therapy appointments, but they called Mom this morning to cancel because of the weather. We got another foot of snow! It’s so pretty! I can’t wait until I’m big enough to play in it. Maybe next year I can go for my first sled ride down the hill! That sounds so fun. Okay, I have to go to bed. Night. -Heath

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