2/13/19 - Don't Stop Believin'

I spent a bunch of time at the shop today with my Grandpa and Mom; even Dad stopped in on his way home from town. He and I said “Hi!” to the guys working, he took me for my usual tour, I sat in the “Boss” chair to watch some cartoons and all kinds of fun stuff while Mom got some work done. It was really fun. We listened to some good music, too, and this one song is everyone in the world’s favorite I guess. Well, Grandpa said sometimes it’s over played and you need a break from it, but it’s still kind of like the best anthem ever? Or something like that…It’s call “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. Mom and Grandpa are really into that classic rock stuff and whenever that song comes on, Grandpa always helps me dance a little and we all say it’s my song. Everyone believed in me thru my adversities last year and now I’m home. It’s still such a miracle. So, anyways, that song is very special to my family for that reason. I was pretty wiped out when we came home. I ate and then went strait to sleep for a quick nap; on the big bed of course! It might sound silly, but sleeping with my shirt off is such a treat! I’ve never been allowed to do it because I had that big long GJ tube hanging out of my tummy and it was just too dangerous. So, now that I have the small G Button, instead, it’s been really nice to have new freedoms. Hmmm…what else happened today? Oh! I drank! From a sippy cup! It wasn’t too long, but it was more than once. I had just water, but we bought a little apple juice today to try tomorrow. I’m excited guys! Just need to learn to drink so I can hydrate myself well enough on my own and get rid of this G tube feeding all together (my big goal for this year). Well, have a great night. Thank you SO much for all of the Valentines in the mail! I got a beautiful stuffed animal from my friends, some boughten cards with really sweet messaged in them and even some kool drawings sent to me. Happy Valentines Day tomorrow! I have a doctor appointment bright and early. -Heath

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