2/15/19 - Messy Eater

I concentrated on my eating & drinking “skills” a lot today. It felt like I was eating all day, but it was only a normal amount. I usually eat about four times a day right now. I eat mostly baby food purees, but I love to share a yogurt with Mom at breakfast time. When Mom and Dad are eating, they always let me try new things, too. Last night, I sucked on a piece of pizza…i couldn’t have it, but Dad held it for me. I’ve really been starting to understand eating more now. I never used to open my mouth or try to swallow, I just kind of did it out of instinct or because i had to swallow. Now, though, I open my mouth and kind of “ask” for the spoon and food. I still don’t swallow super well. I take a bite off the spoon and then I stick my thumb into my mouth right away to suck on it and suck the food down in turn. It’s been working for me, but it’s not the correct way to eat. At least I don’t gag about food in my mouth any more! That was always such a big issue. With all my drool from teething, I don’t mind the extra stuff in my mouth anymore.

I get pretty messy when I eat now. I am eating more and for longer, so I get more on my hands and shirt. We always have to change my bib for meal times, but sometimes we have to change my shirt, too. Mom said messy is good in this case because at least meal time is going well now and I’m not upset about eating. It’s a step closer to getting this G tube out. Speaking of steps closer to that, not only have I been starting to enjoy a sippy cup, but for the first time ever, tonight I held and gave myself a sip. It was awesome! I don’t get much out of the cup at one time, but the action of trying to suck on it is such an absolutely huge step forward for me. We mixed a little apple juice with my water to see if I’d like that more than just water and I think I do. It’s interesting. I’ve never been very interested in apple sauce, but apple juice is pretty yummy. I’m still trying it out, so I’ll let you know. -Heath

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