2/17/19 - Shopping With Grandma T

I went out just a short while today. It was snowing, so it wasn’t very busy, and we went with my Grandma T to get new clothes. I have worn mostly hand-me-downs my whole life, and still do, but I was spoiled today for my 1st birthday coming up. Plus, I was really starting to need clothes. I am grown out of most of my hand-me-downs now and needed some bigger sizes. We got a bunch of pants, shirts and my first pair of “big boy” shoes. The shoes are too big still, they are size 4. We found out today that I am a size 3, though. That was good to know. I wore my shoes when I got home and thought they were pretty cool. Mom thought they were cool because they were on sale and only cost about $5. Luckily, too, the store we went to (Carter’s) had a buy one, get two free thing going on and we didn’t spend barely any money. We got all 2T clothes for me! Can you believe I’m already that big? Well, I’m not quite that big yet, I’m more like 18-24m clothes right now, but the 2T’s already fit a little baggy. They will be perfect soon. Mom was looking at the little newborn clothes at the store and thinking back to when I was that little. I couldn’t wear clothes for a very long time because I was hooked up to so much stuff, but it was still the fact that I was that small. It got her all emotional. We had a really nice time getting clothes and visiting. I was so tired when we got home, though, and Mom thought for sure I would nap, but I was a total wild man! I sat iin my walker and played until late tonight. Really nice day. -Heath

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