2/18/19 - Jammies

I was really excited after my bath today. Not only did I get to have my bath a day late (i usually take baths on Wednesday and Sunday), because Mom was really tired, but I got to put on my new jammies! They are so comfy and are my first set of “big boy” jammies! Mom thought they fit pretty good for 2T. We cuffed the bottoms just so I wouldn’t loose my pants when I was playing. Here are some pictures…I was excited. I told you! Also, we didn’t get it on camera, but tonight before bedtime, Dad was eating some chocolate chip cookies…he always let’s me taste stuff, so he let me taste a cookie. It was the first time I had ever had one and I bit down hard and took a chunk right out of it! Cookie monster!! He, he, he! Mom and Dad didn’t let me keep the chunk, but I slobbered on what was now “my” cookie, for a good minute before they took it away. Yummy! -Heath

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