2/19/19 - Tach. Level Drama

I went and got my blood drawn again this morning. Up early, to the hospital, back home…you know the routine. My medicine, the Tachrolimus (my most important anti-rejection medicine), levels are always checked via blood draws. The Tx team wants to see my Tach. level between 8-10 on their scale. Since switching to G and oral feeds and hence switching the way my medicine is absorbed, we have had nothing but trouble trying to get my levels back up. I was as love as 2.7 on the scale, then 3ish, then 4, now today 5…it’s not a good thing. Not only am I risking my body attacking my new heart (rejection), but now the amount of medicine I am getting each day has increased and it’s almost too much. So, this means I may have to start another “add-on” medicine to help my body process the Tachrolimus to meet the desired level on the scale. It’s a very stressful and scary ordeal for Mom, especially. I feel great and everything, but she doesn’t want me to…she worries. Doesn’t want anything to take me away or put me in the hospital. So, every little thing matters a lot. We double checked with my Pharmacy about the formula they are using for my medicine and it seems the same, so that was good. My Tx team is working on a plan to move forward. I will go to the doctor this Saturday for more labs and we hope they come back in range this time. Please pray for that. Thank you. I’m enjoying myself a nice late daytime nap with my puppy in the big bed… -Heath

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