2/21/19 - Puppies and Stuff

I have had a great day! The sun is shining and I’ve been wild. I played so hard this morning. Dad was with me while Mom went to work. It was pretty fun. We made funny sounds and did boy stuff. Mom always tells Dad to feed me more breakfast when she leaves. I usually split a yogurt with Mom early in the morning and then about 9am I eat some more with Dad. Today, I was eating and he left me alone for a minute to grab a towel and when he came back to me I got all kinds of apple banana strawberry puree in my hair, on my face and all over the place! It was a blast! I don’t think that he liked my art? Mom got home and gave me a long bath. It was really nice. I was pretty sticky and stinky. Ha, ha! Then, I had to take myself a big nap. I layed in the big bed again and snoozed! I’m teething and growing and that makes me sleepy. I woke up later a total wild man and played again. I also took some time to pet the big doggy in the house. Yes! We brought one of our big labbies inside because she is going to have puppies soon and she needs extra snuggles. So, she had a nice bath and I got to pet her. She has been very interested and wants to be my friend. Mom and dad said I have to be a little careful because my body isn’t really strong yet, so we washed my hands a lot, but it made me so happy. I love animals so much already. That makes my family so excited and happy because we have a bunch of animals. Anyways, tomorrow is the big day guys! I can’t wait to be ONE! -Heath

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