2/3/19 - I Learned Something New

Today was one of my best days as far as progress goes. I practiced sitting on the floor with Mom several times today and did a really good job. I even sat up by myself for almost a whole minute. Mom was right there to catch me if i leaned to the sides, but she didn’t help. It was a BIG accomplishment for me! Definitely getting better. Stronger every day! I have my first Physical therapy session at my new PT provider on Friday this week and can’t wait to learn how to get even stronger. I have so much planned for when I can sit. I’m going to play with all of my toys in a big circle and then push them all over the living room and watch Mom pick them up…then, do it again and smile. It’s going to be wonderful. He, he, he!


Also, today, I ate so good! The best day I have ever had eating food by mouth in my whole life. Seriously! I ate a lot! Mom and Dad came to the conclusion that, because I would get a little overwhelmed by saliva in the past, I would gag and get uncomfortable and not want to eat. Now, though (since I’m teething and a drool machine), I am really used to having so much to spit to swallow that it doesn’t bother me anymore and i don’t gag when I eat. It’s really great! There is nothing like being able to eat and swallow with confidence. I am getting there! Oh, and my baby food carrots were red today? Like the blended carrots Mom fed me were red? They tasted great, but they were definitely “rich” carrots.


I learned something kind of new today, too. Well, i have been clapping my hands for a long time now, but today I learned when the right time to clap is. So, i clap when Mom and Dad clap. Or when I’m happy and excited, I clap. Dad has been trying to teach me for a while and it clicked today. It’s fun to learn! Anyhow, Mom and I just read a bed time story called “Good Night Construction Site” (well…I made her read it twice) and now I’m oh so sleepy. Good Night. -Heath

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