2/4/19 - Boy Stuff

I enjoyed getting to just hang out in my comfy pants and snuggled up in my blankie most of the day. Not too much exciting today. I just did my normal routine and all of the things. I’m quite the crazy wild little boy, my Mom says and I do “boy stuff” all day. That’s what she calls it…”boy stuff”. I kick my toys, bang them against each other, pull on and try to destroy things…boy stuff. I like to smear my food in my hair, Mom’s hair and sometimes Dad’s beard when I eat. I like to be messy. I don’t know? I’m just enjoying growing up and getting to experience everything new that’s come up. Do you like chocolate ice cream? Today, Dad let me have a lick of his ice cream cone and it was yummy. Mom said that’s not for babies, but Dad snuck me some more anyways. I think I will enjoy ice cream when I’m older. Maybe I won’t smear that in my hair though; wouldn’t want to waste it. Hmm…what else? I went outside for a while today. It was pretty nice out. Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary was today, so we had to celebrate and go to town for dinner. We went to a place they like that has a huge fishy tank! I got to sit right next to it the whole time and watch the fishes swim. Mom and Dad also took turns helping me look even closer. It was neat. Mom says absolutely no fish tanks at home though…bummer. Anyhow, I’m getting read to go read a bedtime story with Mom. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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