2/7/19 - Big Deal Stuff!

Today I was in my walker thingy, that I don’t try to walk with, and I decided to try something new. I pushed. I pushed my feet down into the carpet, lifted my booty out of the chair and plopped back down. Mom was so excited and clapped. It got me excited too, so I did it again! Push down, lift up! I can lift my whole booty up and out of the chair! What?! This was so crazy!


Today, too, I sat up ALL BY MYSELF! for what is pretty much the first time ever! It made Mommy all teary eyed. I was sitting on the floor watching the doggies outside, watching cartoons and playing together with Mom. I was leaning back against her leg, then I decided to give it a try alone. So, I leaned forward, away from her leg, and sat there without any help, for over a whole minute! Mom thought it was about 90 seconds total, but even though it wasn’t long, it was the best thing ever! We were so happy. I clapped, she said I did good, and then I took myself a nap…ha, ha. No joke. -Heath

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