2/9/19 - Learning Dad's Giggle Face

I had a doctors appointment to get blood drawn this morning to check my Tachrolimus levels that were low at my last appointment. We found out that they were low still and had to increase my medicine. It’s a little scary since that is the most important immuno-suppressant medicine that I’m on and its kind of protecting my heart. So, for it to be low means my body has kind of like free-reign to attack my heart. Well, i’m on other immo-suppressant medicines too, but the Tach is the important one. The Tx team said not to worry though and that we will get my levels back to normal here soon. Going to get in next week for another lab draw to re-check. So, Mom was all stressed out and emotional. Dad and I, on the other hand, were crazy wild men today! Excuse my messy hair. I can’t be bothered to comb it when I’m feeling feisty.

Dad taught me how to clap last week. This week, he has been teaching me his Giggle Jiggle face. When Dad wants to cheer me up, he shakes his head from side to side and lets his lips loose so they jiggle and make funny sounds. It makes me laugh so hard! Yes, I actually laugh now, too! Mom thinks it’s the best sound ever. I was laughing at him so hard last night that they thought I might snort! Dad would do his funny head shaking and then I would copy him and shake my head while Mom and Dad made the funny sound for me. Then, Dad would do it again, then I would do it again. Then, Dad, then me. It was so much fun and my tummy hurt from laughing so much. Now, I shake my head first and he copies me. It’s pretty fun! I can’t wait to play again tomorrow and see if I can make everyone laugh again. -Heath

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