3/2/19 - 3/8/19 - Vaccinations

This week was good! Well, for the most part. I had an appointment Friday in Milwaukee and my Tachrolimus level is back up! Yay! It was just barely a tad below where they wanted it, so we increased my dose the tiniest bit and will re-check at my next appointment on the 25th. It was so nice to get good news! In other news, I’m kind of different at my appointments now… So, I started getting a little “stranger danger” lately and really just want my Mommy when I’m not home. I am really comfortable around Mom, Dad and my Grandpa, but I even get a little fussy around the rest of my family, let alone my doctors now. Mom didn’t really notice this change in my behavior until I got to see a couple of my “girlfriends” from the hospital, who stopped to see me one morning after one of my lab draws. They were so happy to see me and I usually love them, but for some reason, I tucked my head and started to cry. This has been happening alot lately. I don’t know when I got so shy, but I sure am. I had a therapy appointment the other day and the people were new and I was so upset that we couldn’t get anything accomplished. I do a little better with men than with women, but still… Everyone keeps saying this is normal. So, we will see. Hopefully it will go away; me feeling this way.


I went to another appointment and got my vaccinations caught up, too. Who knew it would make for so much drama… So, I can’t get but a few immunizations because of my transplant. I was so little when this all happened, that I didn’t have anything yet. Now, I can’t have any live vaccines. I can and have my shots for Tdap, Influenza, Polio, Hep B, Whooping Cough and a couple others (can’t remember off the top of my head). I just caught up with my “six month” old vaccines. I got four big shots in my thighs. It wasn’t fun. Then two days of fever. Now, I’m back to normal. Anyways, Dad got into discussion about vaccines and we never realized how much controversy there is with the whole vaccination world. School percentages, people who don’t vaccinate at all, people who think people like me who can’t get certain vaccinations are the problem, and a whole bunch of interesting topics. What a crazy ordeal. We did find out that the school I would probably go to someday has a great rate right now, so that was good to know. Not that I’m going to school any time soon. Still interesting.

My cousins stopped and brought my a birthday present since they couldn’t see me for my birthday. These Jammies were part of it and I am so beside myself about these monsters on my knees! How in the world? So crazy. I couldn’t stop looking at them. Oh, by the way! THANK YOU to everyone who sent me birthday gifts in the mail to my PO box! I got some hand me down clothes, birthday cards, some new books about trucks that I love and some really super nice clothes from Angel Ellen. What a bunch of amazing friends you all are to me. I love your letters and cards so much! I really do! -Heath

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