3/16/19 - 3/22/19 - Fresh Air

Something that I have never taken for granted is fresh air. Even when I was still admitted in the hospital, that first time outside was so special and I’ve always since, appreciated the fresh outside air. There is nothing like it. You breathe it in and it just fills your lungs with all kinds of good feelings and smiles just magically happen. I love being outside. I’ve spent alot of time outside this week, the most I even have been out before. It’s been really nice. Even though it’s not quite warm enough for me to stay out too long, it’s been really nice to get out every day. We, Mom and I and sometimes Dad, spend alot of time at my Grandpa’s house. We have a really special farm and we are blessed to be able to spend lots of time together as a family every day. I really enjoy hanging out in the shop office and watching cartoons in the morning, getting outside to see the tractors running and seeing the animals. I can’t get too up close and personal with our animals just yet, but someday, when I’m stronger and my heart is safer, I will be sure to get out and help feed and care for everyone with my family. I got to sit in the Bobcat for the first time this week on Dad’s lap. Mom took a picture of Grandpa and Dad in the bucket with me for our memories book. It’s one of my favorites. I love tractors and trucks. I liked getting to be so close to one for the first time. It was so cold before, that I couldn’t really see one up close. It was so cool and made me smile. Of course I still had my blankie along!


I got to go for a walk with the dogs outside today, down the driveway. It was so funny to watch them run and be silly. They made me laugh so many times. I think they all like me. They came and kissed my shoes and checked on me several times during our walk. My doggy Mack even brought his big red ball to me, but he didn’t know I’m not quite big enough to kick it for him. Mom did for me, though, and he was really happy. We walked up and down the driveway, i was in my stroller, a couple times. I checked out the horses, who Mom says were being crazy, and I looked at the big trees on both sides of me. I liked the sun on my face, but it was a tiny bit windy and I don’t like that much. I wore my warm hat, though, so I was cozy. When the weather gets warmer, the driveway will get dry and we will be able to go all the way down it. It’s very very long, so our walks will be alot of fun. Hopefully I will learn to walk this summer, myself, and will get to run down the driveway before next winter! Also, my cousins next door have a toys truck that I might get a ride in down the driveway at some point Mom said. I’m excited for all kinds of fun stuff coming up. Feeling more like a normal little boy lately. That’s really nice for me and for my parents, too, I think. It’s hard when you have to worry about health stuff all the time, so it’s nice to kind of forget and live a little.


We had a really nice dinner at the farm for St. Patricks day and I tried some cabbage. It was ok. I prefer my cooked carrots much more, though. It was fun to see my uncles and to see my grandma’s kitties. I like when we are all together. This year is going to be so awesome! -Heath

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