3/23/19 - 3/31/19 - Surgery # Gazillion

I’ve definitely had my share of surgeries, procedures, etc…in my short life so far. Monday morning, we went to my hospital in Milwaukee again for another one. My first, what they call, “elective” procedure. Mom and I weren’t sure this should even go in my blog, but who cares honestly? I spent the whole week recovering from getting my boy stuff did. Ha, ha. Well, not Ha, ha at all actually. It was a little rough. We went in for what was supposed to be elective though and the surgery team said that it was necessary. That made Mom and Dad feel better about putting me thru it, at least. I had to wait this long (13 months), to have it done and they didn’t want me to get too big. At least it will be another thing I don’t remember. Anyhow, I had that surgery on Monday. They had to put me under anesthesia and all that jazz. I have recovered really well and feel pretty good now on Sunday. We all hope and pray I don’t have any more surgeries or anything of the sort for a very long time now! The only thing that could possibly come up right now, expectedly, would maybe be a vocal cord injection again. But, for now, my ENT doctor thinks I’m doing well without it. Remember, I have that paralyzed right vocal cord from my first time on ECMO? Well, they always worried it would effect my swallowing and voice. I seem to be doing great eating and my voice is rough, but it works. Just ask my Mom! I spent the week recovering, a little sore and pretty cranky. Why wouldn’t I be! Healing and teething at the same time is not fun. I got thru though. Lot’s of sitting, hanging out quietly as Mom could keep me, sitting on the floor playing gently and not much else (side note; I am sitting really good now). The doctors said to take it easy for a couple weeks. Not much horse-play. I have been a little wild, of course, but I am one and I have lots of energy to harness!

My Daddy is taking a big fishing trip soon, so we did some things to get ready for that this week. I also spent a bunch of time outside. My puppies are getting so big! They run and bark and are so fun to watch. I went to the farm a lot this week and helped my Grandpa and Dad. Well, I more-so watched from a little distance with Mom (so i didn’t expose myself to anything…I still need some more time), but I helped in spirit. We had to clean barns and sort cattle. The little babies from last year got to go in the big pen with their brothers and sisters and were so spunky! They bucked around in the shavings and it made me laugh. I also got to help my Mom with some shop office work. I’m a big helper. I think I fell asleep in my Grandpa’s “Boss” chair too many times this week though, because I don’t remember doing to much else. I have become a messy eater. Messier than normal. I get distracted and play. Before you know it, I have food in my hair! I did try some new stuff this week though! I tried eating a “hard” food. Mom brought some rice/banana cracker things home for me to try and I like them! I still don’t have any teeth, but I gum the cracker and it breaks up and kind of dissolves in my mouth safely. So, they are new and yummy and I am really enjoying the new texture. I also had me a yummy french fry from Culver’s the other night. Dad gave me it to chew on. He also put some ranch on it. My favorite! I love ranch. I also love most dairy stuff…especially morning yogurt. I can chow down a whole container by myself. Mom doesn’t usually let me though; it might upset my stomach. I eat a lot guys! Growing boy here. Hungry and growing. I think that’s all my week really consisted of? I am doing well. My next general/heart check up is on April 8th, so we will have to see if things are looking good still. Always praying so hard for my health. Mom was looking back at my blog post from today, a year ago, and it said that I got a bath and wasn’t feeling too bad. I had to wait all week for a real bath, this week, while i recovered, but tomorrow I can have one! Can’t wait. I love baths now. Okay, well…I’m going to bed. Hope you’re all doing great and thank you for still caring about my journey; about me. I still appreciate the thoughts and prayers. Things are definitely way better now, but I still have so much to worry about every day. Getting bigger and stronger though! -Heath

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