4/16/19 - 4/20/19 - A Little Bit Nervous

After my heart transplant, the routine thing to do (to check up on my health) is a month, then three month, then six month Cath lab…or something like that. Mom just takes me, how can i remember all those dates. Anyways, I am not “due” for my next Cath lab (the big heart check up appointment when then put me under anesthesia and all that…) until July. Well, now with the concern over my neck veins, the team has decided to move my Cath lab up to May! That is a two month bump and it’s honestly a little concerning to my family and I. We are being told that it’s just to get “in there” and check out things to make sure my veins are clear, etc…before there is a worse situation (if that were to be something that may happen). So…Cath lab in a couple weeks. After talking with my heart surgeon more about my veins and the weird way they look on my neck, he explained that the bulging out that they are doing could mean many things, but since we have somewhat ruled out a herniated lung being the issue, now the question is whether or not there is any narrowing above or below the area that would cause the blood to not “decompress” (for lack of a better word) and cause that bulging appearance? It’s a little confusing. These doctors saved my life many times now, though, and we completely trust their decisions. So, I go into the next cath lab, not only hoping for a healthy heart and zero rejection, but also to see a clear passage of blood thru these odd vein clusters on my neck. Please keep me in your prayers for that stuff. I most definitely do not need to endure another sugery. Yuck!

Other than all that, this week has been really nice. I’m seeing some new things. We have baby calves being born on our farm and they are so cute! I got to hear the tractors running and watch them in the fields as we get ready for planting season here soon. My Mom and Dad and I have been enjoying being in the yard with the puppies and I LOVE the sunshine so much. I also have decided that I like to “cobb-a-squat” (that’s what Mom calls it when you sit in the grass). I really love being outside. I wear hats, hoods and sunscreen to stay safe because of my medicines. I also don’t touch dirt and stuff yet, if Mom and Dad can keep me from it, just to be safe. I’ll be safer around that stuff as I get older and my body is less compromised (immune suppressed). In the house, I have been working on standing up! I stand up in my walker chair and then sit down, then stand up, and down again. It’s hard work, but it’s so cool that I can do it! It makes me so happy! I’m still spending time at the shop when Mom goes to work. I love rocking in the boss chair. It’s pretty fun. I met one of the “shop” kitties. She jumped up into my chair to say Hi and I almost touched her, but she walked away. I guess I wasn’t very interesting. She’s pretty. I love animals. Anyways, I don’t really know what else to say about this week. It was pretty good. Oh! I experience my first thunderstorm! It was loud and it rained hard, but I wasn’t scared. It was just more interesting to me than anything. Lightning is so bright! Okay, I have to go to bed. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. My daddy’s making walleye for us to take over to the farm for everyone to munch on. We aren’t going to have a big lunch like we like to do because everyone had a busy day today and we are kind of tired. Fish sounds yummy! Dad caught it in Lake Erie a week ago. I don’t think I’ll be trying any of that yet, though. I’ll wait until I’m older. Well, Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the day and remember what it’s all about. Spend time with family. That’s the most important thing ever! -Heath

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