4/21/19 - 4/28/19 - Pantsless and Drooly Easter

I had the best Easter! My first easter (https://www.aheartforheath.com/updates/2018/4/1/4118-my-first-easter ) was not as nice. This was my Second Easter Sunday and it was perfect. We spent ate a brunch and sat in the yard, talking, snoozing in the sunshine and my favorite…cob-a-squatting in the grass. I hope you all had a very special Easter as well. We sure are thankful for all of my families blessings!

Besides grass and sunshine and family, I have been doing some other fun things…like taking my pants off! Yes, I have that all figured out! Mom thinks I’m too grown up now. I have it figured that if I push my thumbs down into my pant-line and push down, then wiggle my butt…I can get them off. No problem. So, I now do that randomly. It’s a fun suprise for Mom or Dad to find me pantsless on occasion. Usually, when I wake up in the morning, in my crib, I will have my PJs off. I like the independence. Ha, Ha! And the “breeze”! Anyhow, speaking of independence, I am really enjoying my sitting alone time. I am doing really well sitting up all by myself. I love to play and pet my little dog. I’ve gotten really smart about how to get things that I can’t reach now, too. I am usually sitting on a blanket or something Mom deams approriate to keep my baby messieness off the floor (ha, ha)…so, I will see something I want that might be a little too far to reach and I learned that I can pull the blanket to get the item of interest closer to me so I can reach it! I feel so smart! I am so smart! I also, have learned to make fussy faces when I am ready to do something else, want to move or am not happy. I will make a fussy face and “boo-hoo” until I get to help and then smile when I get it. I’m a stinker. I know now, that when it’s time to eat food, I can look around and see what I’m about to eat. So, sometimes, I’ll give a fussy face to Mom to let her know I see the food and that I want it and she should hurry up because I am hungry. I am very smart. Other than getting smarter, I thought I was going to be a big brother this week, but my drama queen baby sister decided she wasn’t coming via c-section and she wanted to flip and come into the world normal and stuff. So, she’s supposed to come this next week before Wednesday. I’m kind of excited, but not really sure what to think yet. Hmmm…what else? Not too much I guess? I am just enjoying the tons of outside time, sunshine, family and all of the good stuff that I was always told was waiting for me here at home. I love my home. So happy and thankful! Oh! Wait! Look at the picture with me with my Packers shirt on quick! I have my two bottom teeth coming in! See the bumps?! It’s not real fun, but I’m excited. Talk to you all soon, okay? Night now. -Heath

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