4/1/19 - 4/7/19 - Spring!

I don’t have too much to say about the week…it was just really good and i was a bum. I spent time outside again. Mom and I went up and down our long driveway with the dogs. I got to go closer to the horses for the first time while Mom filled their water tanks. They thought my stroller was a little weird and kind of scary, so they snorted at it when I came closer to the fences. Mom said they are just getting used to me and my things. I’m new to them. They are very, very interest in me, though. I watched them from a ways back, because I still shouldn’t really be around those kind of germs just yet. I was close enough to see them good this time though. They are big and so funny to watch. Mommies favorite horsey, Bo, was really funny and looking thru the fences at me like he wanted a pet, but Mom just gave him one for me. That will be okay for now, but this summer, I am going to pet them all a bunch! We are still not quite sure how my “germ rules” will really work out with our lifestyle. It’s kind of a scary thing yet. Like, I shouldn’t be around people germs mostly (like flu, cold, nasty stuff…), but when it comes to everyday germs, I’m not sure when those germs are safer as my heart transplant journey continues? The Tx team always says that I can live a normal life, more-so after I’ve had my heart at least a year, but those people are all from the city and our life is much different. I just hope we do things right and that I am safe in “my world”.. It’s so complicated, yet not complicated at all. Day by day is what we keep preaching. So, anyhow…what else? No teeth! Still no teeth, still teething like crazy. Um? I’m all healed up from surgery now. And? I am sitting good still. Better all the time. That’s about all for my week. Mom and I are going to Milwaukee for a check up tomorrow. Hoping things still look good with my heart and medicine levels and all of that! Please keep me in your prayers still. We pray every night for my continued health, for my donor family and for all the things the future will hopefully bring. Good NIght!

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