5/7/19 - 5/12/19 - Mother's Day #2

I didnt have an overly exciting week; which is a good thing. We did errands, worked at the shop and did some farm stuff. We have eight baby calves born so far. They are very cute. When I am bigger, I’ll be in 4H and Mom and Grandpa will help me raise up my show steer for fair. I think that will be pretty cool. I have been practicing standing some more this week. Im really not too much better at it, but i will be. I haven’t quite gotten down the part where I have to hold myself up without help. Just needing some more time. I am also practicing drinking stuff out of a regular big person cup. I’m doing better and better at that! I drink well, but dribble some still. I’m doing really good with my sippy cup though. I prefer water the most, for a drink. I do like juice and milk a little bit though. I am working hard on drinking, so I can completely stop using my G tube port. Hopefully I can have it removed this year. I think that the general rule is to have it unused for at least 6 months before the care team will consider removing it. Right now, I’m down to only using it for a couple medicines and one feeding in the AM, then for extra water thru the day. I have an appointment on Tuesday for my heart check up that got moved up from July…I think we will ask to switch to all oral medicines at this appointment and then Mom will stop feeding/medicines thru the tube that once a day. It will be a small step twards removing the G tube. I just need to start drinking enough to stay well hydrated. That’s my next mission. So, standing and drinking! I know I can do it. I’ve come so far and we are all so very proud! I’ve been quite the book worm lately. You all should know by now that I love my books, but lately, I’ve been enjoying “reading” them independently. I like sitting or laying in the living room and just “reading” my books. It’s wonderful. I got to hear some new things this week that really got my attention. The first sound was our families race truck’s engine! My cousins next door are getting ready for the mud racing season and they fired up the big alcohol engine race truck the other day, for the first time this year. I’d never heard it before and at first, I was a little startled, because the house rattles a little bit with the loud rumble of the engine, but then I got really excited and started clapping! I can’t wait to watch them race this season. Mom and Dad are going to take me to see. Then, this weekend, I got to hear the lawn mower sound. Mom said that’s a good sound because it means the lawn is about to look really pretty. When I am bigger, I can mow. Anyways, Mom got some flowers sent to her this week and I got to sniff them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen flowers before and they looked tasty, so I tried to eat them. Well, I tried to lick them at least. She said I wouldn’t like them and didn’t let me. They did smell nice, though. It is Mothers Day weekend, this weekend. My first Mother’s Day wasn’t anything I really want Mom to remember [https://www.aheartforheath.com/updates/2018/5/13/51318-2-months] and we wanted today to be better. So, this morning, I tried my best to be a really sweet boy. Breakfast time can be really tough for me to behave at because when I wake up in the morning, I’m always very h-angry! So, that means that most days I yell at my Mom thru breakfast. I was really good today, though, and surprised her. I didn’t have a fit or hit her. She was really proud. I knew it would make her happy. After my sister (by the way, her name is Kenna Joy) was done eating, we all went to town as a family. Our first time out with Dad along; all four of us. We took the truck and went for groceries. Nothing exciting. I have to ride in a big stroller now, that I really like, and my sister sits next to me. We cruised thru the store in our double wide, ha ha ha. I got fruit and yogurt and stuff that I like to eat. It was pretty fun. That’s really it for the week. Same old things…eat, sleep, go outside, repeat. Keep me in your prayers for Tuesday this week. This will be my first Cath lab (heart check up) since January’s 1R (rejection) ordeal and Mom is a little sick to her stomach about it. I think I’ll be just fine, I’m super tough! The Tx team is going to double check those bulged veins in my neck too. So, pray for no rejection, great numbers and no blockage in my neck. I will probably do an extra blog post this week to update everyone on that all… Happy Mother’s Day to all of you ladies. Thank you for all of the love and support you send me, too. -Heath

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