5/15/19 - My "One Year" Cath Lab

Well, yesterday was my “one year” cath lab. I say “one year” because we did it two months early because the Tx team wanted to try to get pictures of my neck vein issue while I was under anesthesia. That wasn’t successful, unfortunately, and the Tx team is now making plans for me to have either a CAT scan or MRI to get the images needed. So, anyways…the cath lab went well. I went in early and got home very late. I think we were at the hospital/traveling for about fourteen hours total. It was a very long day. I slept well last night! We just got the call from our team, letting Mom know the results of yesterdays cath lab and the results are great! We are SO beyond thrilled for good news. My “numbers” all looked great, some even improved from the last time I was checked. Then, the biopsy from inside my heart came back clean with no signs of rejection! Mom cried, I just smiled. I think my whole family is just very happy and somewhat relieved. We will definitely be celebrating. Now, though, we have to wait nearly an entire year before my next Cath lab, which is technically a good thing, but still…it’s hard not knowing the “numbers”. The Tx team will still check in with my and check on my heart thru lab draws and Echocardiograms occasionally until then, but nothing invasive. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers! We still read your messages and letters when they come. Thank you for the mail, too! My PO Box had so many sweet cards this week and I really appreciate you guys like you’re my family! We love you! I have a big scrap book and memory box just plump full of my cards and letters. Mom says, when I am bigger, they will mean alot to me. Okay, I have to go now. It’s absolutely beautiful outside and we are going to savor every second of this good day. -Heath

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