5/13/19 - 5/19/19 - My First Tooth!

It’s been a happy week here! First, I hope you already read about it, I got great news from my cath lab results! My heart looks happy and healthy and there is no signs of rejection that were found! It’s absolutely the best news ever! Then, I started to eat big boy foods this week for the first time. Well, they are kind of big boy foods…I tried Mac N’ Cheese and ate them up pretty good. At first, I didn’t swallow them very easily, but I figured them out and they were so yummy! I can’t wait to eat them again. I also ate some chicken and noodle soup and the noodles were like little stars (it was toddler food). I liked it a lot. I am going to be trying lots of new things soon. You know why? Because I got my first tooth!! It finally popped thru 5/19/19! It’s a big day! Mom was so excited and we yelled and clapped! I took pictures and we sent them to my family and friends to show them my tooth. I’m super excited to bite stuff. I have another tooth coming up right next to this one. Mom and Dad are excited for me to have my teeth because I already have a wonderful smile and they said that when my teeth come in, my smile will be even better. Im just excited to eat cookies with Dad and Grandpa. Bring on the teeth! Besides all of that, my cousin Bailey came over to my house and we played together. She read some books with me. I love books so much and she gave me some of her old books that she thought I would like. It was fun to look at the pictures while she read. We also went thru my toys and played with them. I showed her how everything goes and it was a lot of fun. Mom has been leaving a big white basket for me to pick thru and decide which toys I want to play with. I like to pull the basket close and take all the toys out and look at them before I play with just one. I’ve also been working on learning to stand up, as I’m sure you know by now. Mom has this idea that If she helps me learn how to sit higher and higher on pillows, that I will eventually just stand. I’m not sure it will work, but we are going to try. I just don’t have a lot of interest in trying to pull myself up to stand with my arms, just yet. I’m going to learn though. Somehow. How did you learn to stand? To walk? I stand up good in my walker, but that isn’t helping me learn to balance on my own. It will all come in due time. In “heath time”…that’s how I do everything. -Heath

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