5/20/19 - 5/28/19 - My First Trip to The Zoo!

First off, I hope you all enjoyed your freedom this past weekend. My family has several servicemen; including my uncle Kev (Army) and my Dad (Navy). We all should give them an extra hug every day we can…one because we love them and one to thank them. There is a close friend of mine, we call her my angel, that sent me a book about a serviceman in her family. This weekend, we read a little bit of that in the sunshine on the deck, trying to be appreciative of what we have. We also did lots of family stuff. We have lots of new baby calves born and one of the newest ones decided to hide on us and his mom. We couldn’t find her and thought a coyote had gotten her, but then almost two days went by and she decided to pop her little self back into the herd. So, Grandpa, Dad and I were all very worried about her. She mustn’t have wanted to be alone when the thunderstorm came I guess. Anyways, I got to take a couple stroller rides down the fenceline to try to help a little. It was fun to be out in the sun all weekend (with sunscreen on of course). Not only did I do that with Mom, but her and Kenna (my sister) and I all went to the zoo this last week. My aunty and cousin stopped over and rode along with us to the zoo, too! I got to see all kinds of animals. Mom said that this was a little zoo and that the animals were all rescued animals, so it was kind of neat. They were having a big birthday party for one of the wolves there who they said was turning fifteen years old! They also have prairie dogs there and one of the prairie dogs that they have was on the news because he came from the Madison zoo recently. It was a big ha rah. I loved walking around and thought that the otters were really kool. They were playing in the water and one of them ran right in front of me by the glass! He had a radish in his mouth that he was playing with. He probably wanted to share, but I don’t think I like radishes yet. After the zoo, we went to the park, too! It was not only my first time to a zoo, but also my first time to a park! Mom wiped down a swing with sanitizer and I got to take my first ride in a swing. I can’t believe I was big enough…well, I was barely big enough. I sat up really good, though, and my cousin helped me swing slowly. I loved it so much! My daddy is re-doing our swing-set at home so I will have a little kid swing to share with my sister. I’m so excited. Speaking of excited, I got another tooth! I have two now! Can you even believe it? It was so fast! Boom! I can’t wait to show everyone at my doctors appointment this week. My Tx friends are going to be so excited. I have to go in for a CAT scan on my neck this week to check out those funky veins (I finally posted a picture to show you). Hopefully it’s nothing. Please keep that in your prayers. Anyhow, Mom and Kenna and I are about to take a walk outside before it rains again. We have to feed the horses and walk the dogs and get the mail, too. I hope you have a great day! I’ll check in again this week with my CAT scan results. Oh! For the blood drive we are getting together…we only need ten more signatures and we can start planning! Thank you to everyone who signed up, but if you could spread the word and help us get ten more people to come, I’d be so appreciative! Here is the link: https://www.aheartforheath.com/blood-drive-2019 I will be there to meet people, too, once we get things organized. Thank you so much for making this happen and helping us give back. Talk soon! -Heath

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