4/29/19 - 5/6/19 - I Got Myself A Sister Somehow?

This has been a crazy week for me guys! First, I have those bottom teeth coming in and they hurt! Ouch! I’ve been pretty good during the day and they don’t bother me too badly; so long as I am chewing on my fingers or some object that’s readily available. At night, though, my teeth hurt! I always go to bed around eight o’clock and lately, I haven’t been able to get to sleep without feeling like crying. Mom or Dad will come in and try to help me fall asleep, but without some Tylenol I can’t seem to ignore the tooth situation. Teething is tough! Besides teething, I’m also working on my standing up business. Mom has been helping me learn. She holds me with a hand on my bum and one around my chest. Then, I put my feet down on the floor and we bounce up and down until I remember that I need to push down to go up. It’s so weird? Push down and I go up? What? I’m getting it though. Slowly, but surely I will be standing without my walker chair. My goal is to be walking by summer. It’s a lofty goal, but shoot big! I just want to have that freedom. Mom will probably get into really great shape chasing me once I learn to run! Before walking, sitting has been my big accomplishment and this week I learned that I can sit Indian style and not fall! It’s nice to be able to sit in other positions beside just with my legs strait out. He, he, he! Hmm…I went and got myself a sister this week. On May Day (5/1). Not sure how that happened, exactly, but Dad and I left my Mom at the hospital and I went home and took a nap. When we went back to check on my Mom, there she was…a sister? Like, where did you come from? I just looked at her thru this plastic crib thing she was in and thought she was a weird looking puppy. Dad and I got to hang out in the room for a while. We were at the same hospital that I was born at. A lot of people came in to say “Hi” to me. A lot of those people are the ones who saved my life the day I was born. I don’t think they knew what to think of me. I got big and handsome…that’s what most of them said. Everyone was ready and nervous when my sister came, but she wasn’t such an event planner like I was and the day wasn’t exciting. I knew how to draw a crowd when I was born. I still know how too…I just smile! Oh, one of the Anestisiology doctors that was there when I was born, he stopped in to see me. He has a really cool work history. He worked at Mayo in MN for many years, in poverty countries helping people in need and all over the place. He said he loved the hospital here though and he is going to stick around for a very long time. He thought I was pretty awesome. We are home now. Mom and my sister were only at the hospital for the night. It was good to have my Mom home for my medicines and stuff. We like to stick to a strict routine and be safe. All is good and well! This weekend, we got all of our corn planted on our farm, too. I love seeing and listening to the tractors. It’s another reason I need to learn how to stand soon…Mom wants pictures of me when the corn comes up to about my height. They would be really cute I guess? I don’t know much else that is interesting enough to write about for now, so I hope you have a good week! -Heath

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