6/17/19 - 6/23/19 - Haircuts & New Tech.

I had my second hair cut this week. We all went together as a family. I sat on my Daddy’s lap and Mom and Kenna watched from the waiting room [There’s a new picture of her below. Everyone says we look the same.] My hair lady said that I looked so much different. She was the lady that did my first hair cut last year. She started out by cutting my hair with a scissors and then she buzzed me! I’ve never seen or heard clippers before; they were’’t scary though. I actually liked them. They tickled me. Anyhow, my hair looks fresh and clean cut again. It’s nice because it’s been so humid and hot out lately and now I am a little cooler. I ended up staying on Dad’s lap while he got his hair cut, too. My hair lady let me play with the clean combs and I watched what was going on. Dad got a little hair on me, so i sneezed and dropped my comb. It was a bummer. Oh, well. It was all pretty fun for me. I can’t wait to go again. Daddy and I will always try to go together, he says. It can be our dude time. Anyways, now I’ll look handsome for my hospital visit Monday, in case I run into any old friends. I’m really proud of my hospital right now, actually. I don’t know if you remember or not, but last year during my long admission there, I donate part of me to a study that the team (well, two members mainly) was conducting to try to create a new way to test for rejection? Well, when I donated, I didn’t know that there was much hope for the study…turns out they were very successful! It’s a big, big deal for me personally and my future. Because of their work, I might not have to have Cath labs anymore. Cath labs are very invasive and currently how the team checks for rejection (by putting me under anesthesia and then going into my veins and heart with a pincher and taking a small pinch of my heart out to study under a microscope…). Now, with this new way, they should be able to just do a blood draw! It’s a HUGE deal. Read about it here: https://chw.org/newshub/stories/new-organ-transplant-rejection-blood-test?utm_campaign=social-web&utm_content=fb-TAI-diagnostics-blog-2019-06&utm_medium=promotedpost&utm_source=facebook Besides that…my surgery is tomorrow. Please keep me in your prayers. I’ll update everyone mid-week. - Heath

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