6/28/19 - 6/30/19 - New Teeth!

I had a great last couple days here. My sister and I recognize each other as family now. She talks to me in really high pitched sounds. It makes me giggle and sometimes I pat her. I’m a good big brother. I have been working hard on standing, again, this week. I hang out on my rocking pony or in my “walking machine” (it’s just a cheap walker) and I practice standing up tall. I can and do stand up for about a minute now! Big deal! I haven’t mastered the whole “going forward” thing in the walking machine yet? I take occasional steps forward, but it’s usually just because I was standing and leaned forward. I mostly back up and move a little side to side. I’m definitely getting stronger every day. I’m moving more sitting on the floor now too. I don’t just sit in one place anymore; now I spin around and scoot my butt. I’m not very fast at either, but I’m strong enough to do it now. I’m gaining weight too. Finally. I’ve been very hard to keep weight on since I was little, because of everything. They saw that a heart transplant can mess with your metabolism? I’m not sure if it’s the medicine or just the change in your body that does it, but I believe it. I eat a lot of food! Mom only had been giving me water thru my G tube (because I don’t drink enough yet) and I’d been eating all of my calories like a normal toddler does. Now, just for a while, I’m getting Pediasure thru my G tube three times a day to add calories. It’s still technically just liquids, but we were a little bummed to have to do it. I’ll get to eating more calorie dense foods once my teeth come in, and then I can stop the pediasure. We really want to meet my goal of no g tube use by the end of the year. It’s still in the cards if I work very hard at learning to drink. Speaking of teeth, I’m getting two big top ones! They are coming in at the same time. They don’t really seem to bother me right now, so I’m very happy about that. My teething rituals have changed now that my top teeth are coming in…I try to sick my fist in my mouth so I can reach the back teeth to teeth’, but I end up gagging myself. Mom and Dad yell at me for it. I don’t care though. I ignore them and do it anyways. I think that once my teeth come in, I want to eat an apple or some cookies. Mom love apples and she lets me lick a piece of hers when she eats one and they are yummy. Cookies, I want to try because I love the Cookie Monster and he makes me laugh when he eats all the cookies. Yum, yum, yum…how many cookies today? I went to the fair yesterday. It was my first trip to one. We are a farming family and my cousin was showing her heifer in a dairy show at the fair. I got to watch, from a little bit of a distance (because I shouldn’t really be around too much just yet), but I thought it was pretty cool that she could wrangle that big girl! She’s so kool. Okay, well, I have to go to bed soon. Night. -Heath

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