5/29/19 - 6/9/19 - No Results, Wine & Hay

Wow! We completely forgot to post my blog last week! Whoops! That’s okay…let’s catch up! First, the CAT scan. The appointment went well. I didn’t require a ton of anesthesia and it was fairly quick. They said that they felt they got good pictures. So, we went home and hoped for results the next day. Well, nearing two weeks later, we haven’t heard back yet. So, in our minds that is a good thing…I guess that the Tx team isn’t concerned about it? It doesn’t resolve the issue though…why are my veins bulging? So, Mom put in a call and we are waiting for more information. Hopefully tomorrow we will hear back. It’s a little worrisome yet though. That was the only objective for my appointment and I don’t have another one until July now, so we are enjoying the break from driving so far. Praying I stay healthy and all… Last weekend, on Saturday, we went to my Dad’s high school reunion. It’s been a very LONG time he said. My sister and I went along for the visit to a winery that’s not too far away from our house for the reunion. I stayed in our big stroller most of the time, but I still enjoyed people watching. I needed a stretch at one point and Mommy sat me up on a table with Dad so I could see better. It was fun. There were lights on the ceiling that looked like grapes and I wanted to grab them, but they were too high up. Everyone said Hi to me randomly. Dad’s class donated to my health expenses last year and really helped my family in a special way, so he wanted me to come and meet some people. I said thank you with smiles, per usual. Other than wining, not wining, but wine-ing…I have been home and enjoying being outside some more. It’s been getting very warm out, but we still find ways to be outside comfy and safe. My family bailed a bunch of hay this weekend, while the sun was out in full force, and I loved seeing the tractors going around. They make me smile. I got to sit on a big one with my Grandpa this week too. He started it up for me while I sat on his lap. It made me so excited! It was a very very very special moment for us. Mom cried, Dad even got emotional. We all have been thru so much and they thought for sure they’d lost me several times in my life. So, to see me up on a big tractor and smiling was such a huge blessing. Mom always wanted a boy to continue farming and protecting our land, and with everything, she thought that this day would never happen. So, we pray and we are grateful for every second. Every single breath of life is precious. Never ever take it for granted. Besides haying, we celebrated my cousins’ birthday. He’s 2. He’s big. I love him. I slept thru half of his party. That was about all I have to say to catch you all up. Oh, did I tell you I have both of my bottom teeth now? Yep! Two teeth! Yay! - Heath

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