6/31/19 - 7/8/19 - A Great Week!

What else can I say besides this was a great week! I Did so much stuff guys! We swapped some new toys out for old ones, first off. We finally busted out my froggy that has been waiting for me since my baby shower before I was born. I had a lot of fun learning how to take the toy balls out and put them back into their holes so they would roll down again and again. I can do it all by myself! I pick the ball I choose up between my hands and I go up and push it into the hole with both hands. Then, I watch as it rolls down Mr.Froggy’s legs and back to me. I always check and make sure Mom or Dad watched me and smile at them. I love that I learned to do it and don’t need help. I also started standing more this week, too. I sit in front of Mr. Froggy on my little stool, I put my hands on top and then Mom helps me a little to get up by holding my hips and I stand! It’s great. I’m still weak at doing it, but I’m getting better. Mom is teaching me some random things right now, too…they are: brushing my teeth, turning on the light switch when I go into my bedroom, using my hands to grab the crib railing to pull myself up in the morning when she gets me out of bed for the day and then sitting up in my crib at night and laying down myself when I’m ready, too. It’s so much stuff to think about and I love it! This weekend my Daddy was working on our patio and I sat in my walking machine and watched him for a long while. I stood up a couple times, without much help from the seat, so I could see around the door frame to look at what he was doing. It was kool. I like the sound of saws and hammers and those kind of things. I don’t like the sound of fireworks though! This was my first time seeing them and although I really like looking at them, the bang is too loud for me. I enjoyed seeing my cousins with their sparklers much more. I had a nice Independence Day. I was very thankful for this life and all of those who gave it to me. We spent the morning at my Grandpa and Grandmas grilling out. I tried some baked beans and threw them up all over grandmas kitchen floor. It was cool…Mom said it was gross. It wasn’t the beans at all, but rather the fact that I’m teething so bad and stick my whole hand into my mouth and gag myself. Long story short; wardrobe change and a wipe down of the area and I was back to smiley pants Heath, ready to play on the living room floor with my Uncle and Grandma and Grandpa’s kitties. I love it there. Anyhow, I did so much this week. We went to my cousin’s house and I sat on a trampoline for the first time while my cousins bounced. It was so fun! I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at them. They were all so goofy. The trampoline is so interesting. I kept bouncing and I’d put my arms up in fists trying to keep my balance. Mom and Dad took turns while I sat so I didn’t fall, but I sat up all by myself the whole time. I can’t wait to do that again. I also took my first ride on Dad’s four wheeler! I loved it so so much! We went for two rides! First we went just around the house and yard. I couldn’t stop smiling. I love motors and going fast! Then, later in the day we went for a longer ride down our long long driveway and by the pasture. I didn’t get to see the cows, because they were in the barn eating some lunch, but I did enjoy the ride. I also can’t wait to do that again soon. Mom took Kenna and I for a short walk in my little RadioFlyer wagon for the first time. We went down to see our horses. I can sit up really good now, so it was fun to look around and say Hi to them. Kenna laid on a cozy blanket in front of me and I had to make sure she was safe. I’m a good big brother. Well, sometimes I poke at her when Mom has her down on the floor my me. I just think she’s interesting and sometimes I want to take her Binkie away. I don’t use a binkie, but I still try to take it. Mom says I have to be gentle and nice to her. I’m still working on that. And also, this week, my top front FOUR teeth have come in! It’s so crazy…where do teeth come from? I keep picking at them with my fingers. It’s very weird having teeth. -Heath

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