8/28/19 - 9/2/19 - GG, the news & AKC

We didn’t take the best pictures this week to showcase everything that we did, but it was a busy week. Especially this weekend. First, the 28th was my Great Grandma’s birthday. I never got the chance to meat her, because I was in the hospital when she got sick. She saw lots of pictures of me though and I know she loved me so very much. She was a really kool lady. Mom says she was always baking and making doilies. I think she is probably with me all day now as a angel though. My family misses her alot. Anyways, Kenna rolled onto and off of her tummy this week! She’s getting so big. I better get moving to stay ahead of her! I’m a good big brother. I am starting to try to play with her. I try to give her toys and hope she will play with me, but she’s still too little. She does enjoy grabbing my Mom’s hair and playing with my old friends, Mr Fox and Mr. Beaver on the play mat. I’m glad she can share my old toys. I sometimes try to play with them, but I’ve gotten bigger now and prefer different toys; like books and push toys. I worked with Mom at the shop this week like normal and we did lots of outside stuff while the weather is beautiful. It feels like fall outside. We walk down the driveway with my stroller and I see the cows, horses and our doggies. I also spend alot of time outside swinging, sitting on a blanket in the grass in the yard or in my bouncer hanging in the garage while Mom is close by doing stuff. She really wants me to learn to walk soon, so we have been practicing it alot. We do sit to stand, stand to sit and try taking steps while she helps me. Sometimes Dad will hold my hands and try to help me balance too. I have a bad habit of picking up my feet off the ground whenever someone picks me up. I’m learning to keep them down and try to walk. It’s going to take a while, but we think it would be a great Christmas gift to myself to walk; so thats the time goal. I’m scooting around really good and quickly. getting stronger every day. Now, I don’t just scoot forward on my own, but I will grab and pull myself forward too. I never used to do that. Mom and Dad think that if I can learn to pull myself forward, I’ll eventually start to pull myself up. Hopefully! I’m very ready to run around! I have alot of energy. Mom calls me a “full blown toddler”. I went to the news station for a followup and to do an interview with my family on Sunday this weekend and I had myself a big tantrum, just like a normal toddler would. I eventually got over it and they recorded a great clip about me and my nonprofit. https://www.channel3000.com/health/we-want-to-give-back-after-babys-heart-transplant-couple-starts-nonprofit-to-pay-it-forward/1115969012 We had been at the Madison Retriever Club all weekend for my puppy Mackie’s AKC hunt test trials. He did so good and passed both days. I got to see his ribbons and they were kool. I was pretty tired though, because I napped in my playpen in a field two days over the weekend and it was out of my normal routine. I really enjoyed the outside time though. We spent the whole weekend as a family. Grandpa and Dad and my Uncles put up new fence for a new pasture for our cows, too. I’m excited to see them excited to eat all the new grass! I like cows. We are working on the charity mud race stuff tonight and have been all week. It’s going to be a crazy week coming up in my house! I wasn’t able to be there when we did the race last year, because the date landed on the date I surprised everyone and got to come home. So, this year I can go and we can all be there together. I’ll tell you more about it this week. Oh! I also graduated to “forward facing” in my car seat this week! I’m getting so big! Okay…I’m going to bed. I get tired and grouchy. -Heath

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