2/8/19 - Being A Tx Kid

We sent this picture to family and friends today and everyone has said I have grown up so much! What do you think?

We were all talking today about how good I look right now and how I seem more like a normal baby for the most part. I have my medical concerns, yes, but other than that, I am just a normal little boy. I sleep, eat, play…poop. All the normal things I should do at my age. My age…that’s something Dad, especially, has come to his own terms with. He says that since the first five plus months of my life, I was on medicines that literally paralyzed me so I couldn’t move much. Then, I had a huge heart Tx surgery followed by a second open chest surgery for ECMO and then add on that recovery…I missed the first about eight months of my life. So Dad’s sense is that my life started like two months post Tx and that makes me “fiscally” much younger than almost a year old. It kind of makes sense, but I’m really starting to catch up. The core strength and muscle strength things are the hardest I think? I’m getting so much stronger and smarter ever day. When I was hospitalized they always worried about brain damage, remember?, because of all the CPR and stuff I’ve been thru in my life, but my family and friends all think that I am good. I don’t think there’s any mental delays or anything. I’m really very intelligent! I pick up on new things so fast and remember them, too.

Anyhow, we were thinking about me growing up and stuff, like I said, but Mom pointed out the stuff that no one sees that makes how I’m growing up so much different. It’s so easy to forget that I went thru everything; which, believe me, we want so much to forget it all! At least I won’t remember, because I’m little. Some of the things that Mom was talking about are things like my schedules. My schedules are crazy. It’s really pretty unfair to be blunt, but i’ll always have a half dozen strict schedules. Feeding is one of them. I eat like a normal kid my age now. I eat with a spoon and am learning sippy cups. I also get nutrition thru my G tube Button, though. That schedule means that Mom has to get me propped up in my high chair with the tray off, undo my shirt so she can reach my belly, hook up a tube to my G port, hand push big 60cc syringes of blended foods into my tummy, unhook the tube when she’s done flushing it with water, re-dress me, clean the syringes and tube, keep me sitting up for a half hour because the volume of food is quite a bit and then wait three hours and do it all over again. This stuff is necessary so I’m getting the hydration and nutrition I need while I’m learning to drink, especially, and eat. Our goal is to get rid of this whole ordeal this year. It’s a big giant goal. As you can imagine, sticking to a feeding schdule and having to do all of that in a strange place (ie. hospitals, out to eat, family gatherings…) can be a real chore. Mom always keeps me fed though. We try hard not to complain. My next schedule is my medicines schedule. Right now, we are down to ever twelve hours, which is so very nice, since we’ve done medicines up to eight times in a day before. The only thing is that to give my medicines right now and ensure they are given perfectly, Mom is the only one giving them to me. She has to do the whole g port set up to give me medicines, just like for feeding, and I have to get the exact right amounts of medicines. We also have to be sure that each time we pick up my medicines from the pharmacy that they used the exact same recipe to make them as the last time. We know the pharmacists by their first names. My medicines are so important because they are literally keeping me alive. Without them, my body will kill my donated heart. But, then again, my medicines are also bad in the fact that they are preventing my body from protecting itself. Mom says something along the lines of it’s a double edged sward. Anyhow… Then, the last of my schedules is appointments. Something that people with normal kids take for granted is not being pretty much forced to go to a hundred appointments a month. I have to get up at 4am or 5am for most of them, be in the car for 2.5hrs and then at the hospital all day most times, running back and forth from appointment to appointment, then drive home 2.5hrs. I usually nap on hospital check up beds during those days, between appointment times or in my stroller. I’m always wiped out when we finally get home. We don’t get much choice in what times we get to schedule appointments for because the hospital has tons of kids just like me and the scheduling is tight. So, you end up taking what you can get. It makes for lots of traveling. We always try to coordinate multiple appointments for one day, though. I go to so many doctors. I have my Tx team appointments for general check ups and then, labs for blood draws, echo-cardiograms, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, gastroenterology, urology, x-rays, hearing, vision, developmental, etc… Mom has a big calendar on our fridge and a purse agenda that she carries with us so we don’t miss anything. It’s a lot of stress, but if I’m feeling good, then all the schedules are worth the effort. That is for sure.

I’m kind of rambling on now, aren’t I? I talk a lot now days. Babbling fool, Mom and Dad say. Well, that’s enough for today. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

PS. Do you love my farm boy outfit!? Mom was all giddy when she dressed me today. It’s the best! I love my hat from Grandpa. Can’t wait to get to sit on the tractor this summer.

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2/7/19 - Big Deal Stuff!

Today I was in my walker thingy, that I don’t try to walk with, and I decided to try something new. I pushed. I pushed my feet down into the carpet, lifted my booty out of the chair and plopped back down. Mom was so excited and clapped. It got me excited too, so I did it again! Push down, lift up! I can lift my whole booty up and out of the chair! What?! This was so crazy!


Today, too, I sat up ALL BY MYSELF! for what is pretty much the first time ever! It made Mommy all teary eyed. I was sitting on the floor watching the doggies outside, watching cartoons and playing together with Mom. I was leaning back against her leg, then I decided to give it a try alone. So, I leaned forward, away from her leg, and sat there without any help, for over a whole minute! Mom thought it was about 90 seconds total, but even though it wasn’t long, it was the best thing ever! We were so happy. I clapped, she said I did good, and then I took myself a nap…ha, ha. No joke. -Heath

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2/5/19 - My Button Day

I had a long day. The hospital is a big car trip, a long day of running back and forth from appointment to appointment and then another long trip in the car home. So, I’m pretty pooped out. I did have a very interesting day though; a good one for the most part.


First appointment of the day was for Labs. I got six big tubes of blood drawn to check my “levels” (the doctors from my transplant team check my medicines and things…). Then, I went to the G.I. surgery department in the clinics building for my G tube switch. Mom and Dad (dad came today) met with the ladies preforming the switch for a while, first. Mom was really concerned and drilled them until she felt ok. She’s funny like that; a worry wart. I did good though. The lady pulled my old tube out, no sedation or nothing!, measured the “hole” in my tummy for a new button and then “installed” the new G tube Button port. Here is what that looks like. Remember my old long tube that hung from my tummy? Well, this replaced that.

You remember how big of a deal it is for me to be able to handle getting fed and medicines in to my tummy? Well, that fact has made today so exciting for me and my family! Hopefully this is a big turning point for me. And, hey, I can wear any clothes I want now! No more searching for button up clothes, Mom! Yay! So, yes, it hurt a little to change it and I’ll be a little sore this rest of the week, but I’m so glad we made the change. Our first feeds and medicines tonight went really easy now, too, with this new set up. It’s great!

We had to go to Herma Heart Institute and see my transplant team and have an echocardiogram done, too, after we were done at GI. That appointment went good. I was pretty low with my Tachrolimus levels (one of my anti-rejection medicines). It was a little bit scary to hear for Mom. She is really worried about rejection still. So, we increased that medicine and are rechecking my levels again on Saturday. I had a good nap during my appointment with them, so I don’t remember the rest. Anyhow, good night. It’s time for a bedtime story. -Heath

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2/4/19 - Boy Stuff

I enjoyed getting to just hang out in my comfy pants and snuggled up in my blankie most of the day. Not too much exciting today. I just did my normal routine and all of the things. I’m quite the crazy wild little boy, my Mom says and I do “boy stuff” all day. That’s what she calls it…”boy stuff”. I kick my toys, bang them against each other, pull on and try to destroy things…boy stuff. I like to smear my food in my hair, Mom’s hair and sometimes Dad’s beard when I eat. I like to be messy. I don’t know? I’m just enjoying growing up and getting to experience everything new that’s come up. Do you like chocolate ice cream? Today, Dad let me have a lick of his ice cream cone and it was yummy. Mom said that’s not for babies, but Dad snuck me some more anyways. I think I will enjoy ice cream when I’m older. Maybe I won’t smear that in my hair though; wouldn’t want to waste it. Hmm…what else? I went outside for a while today. It was pretty nice out. Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary was today, so we had to celebrate and go to town for dinner. We went to a place they like that has a huge fishy tank! I got to sit right next to it the whole time and watch the fishes swim. Mom and Dad also took turns helping me look even closer. It was neat. Mom says absolutely no fish tanks at home though…bummer. Anyhow, I’m getting read to go read a bedtime story with Mom. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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2/3/19 - I Learned Something New

Today was one of my best days as far as progress goes. I practiced sitting on the floor with Mom several times today and did a really good job. I even sat up by myself for almost a whole minute. Mom was right there to catch me if i leaned to the sides, but she didn’t help. It was a BIG accomplishment for me! Definitely getting better. Stronger every day! I have my first Physical therapy session at my new PT provider on Friday this week and can’t wait to learn how to get even stronger. I have so much planned for when I can sit. I’m going to play with all of my toys in a big circle and then push them all over the living room and watch Mom pick them up…then, do it again and smile. It’s going to be wonderful. He, he, he!


Also, today, I ate so good! The best day I have ever had eating food by mouth in my whole life. Seriously! I ate a lot! Mom and Dad came to the conclusion that, because I would get a little overwhelmed by saliva in the past, I would gag and get uncomfortable and not want to eat. Now, though (since I’m teething and a drool machine), I am really used to having so much to spit to swallow that it doesn’t bother me anymore and i don’t gag when I eat. It’s really great! There is nothing like being able to eat and swallow with confidence. I am getting there! Oh, and my baby food carrots were red today? Like the blended carrots Mom fed me were red? They tasted great, but they were definitely “rich” carrots.


I learned something kind of new today, too. Well, i have been clapping my hands for a long time now, but today I learned when the right time to clap is. So, i clap when Mom and Dad clap. Or when I’m happy and excited, I clap. Dad has been trying to teach me for a while and it clicked today. It’s fun to learn! Anyhow, Mom and I just read a bed time story called “Good Night Construction Site” (well…I made her read it twice) and now I’m oh so sleepy. Good Night. -Heath

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2/2/19 - Cousin Time

I had a good day. I ate good, played hard and napped. This evening, though, my cousins came over for a visit! I didn’t take many pictures today and I don’t feel much like writing tonight, but I will say that it was a blast! My cousin, T, he was playing with my toys and showing me stuff and I just laughed so hard. I was all smiles as he trotted around my living room. I can’t wait until I’m bigger and walking like him so I can play like that. It was a great time. -Heath

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2/1/19 - Letters and Cards

Thank you guys so much for the recent letters and cards you sent to my PO Box. Mom picked them up today. There was a package we couldn’t get because the office was closed, but we will get it Monday. She’s reading them to me now while I sit in my seat. I am so entranced and happy listening to the kind words. It really makes us feel so good that people like you have so much love in your hearts that you can send kind letters to me. I know I am only little right now and you might think I don’t understand, but I promise that I do. Mom and Dad have been reading your thoughts and prayers to me my whole life now. It’s gotten me thru some very tough times. So, anyways, I just wanted to say thanks again. I’ve defiantly gotten a lot of new friends from all of the adversity in my life so far. Just know that your words really do make a difference. And of course I love the gifts! My crib and home are filled with some much love. Mom keeps all your cards and letters and art and things in a book for me to look at when I’m older. Someday we page thru it just for fun, too. In July, for my 1st Heart Birthday, we are going to have a big celebration in town that we will be sure to invite everyone, too. But, anyhoo…My day has been good so far. I haven’t left the house, thankfully, because it’s pretty cold out still. Going to rest up over the weekend for a busy week next week of appointments. Mom gave me the best bath last night and my skin feels so soft and happy, so that’s good. She also cleaned up and plaid my toys nice for me and a fresh blanket to play on, on the floor. I’m thinking I’m going to enjoy myself a nice nap and then play until my toys are completely a mess again. That sounds really fun to me. Then, Mom said we are going to go thru my clothes tonight and pack up anything too small. My baby cousin will be coming soon and can hopefully use my clothes. I’m too big for everything! We need to get some bigger stuff soon. I’ll be in 2T clothes by my birthday Mom said. That’s so crazy! What else? Oh, we were sitting earlier today and I helped Mom fold laundry. I sat up so good! I am getting better at controlling my body from falling forward and backward. Now to just control the side to side core movements and I’ll be golden! getting bigger is so much work, guys. I’m doing good, though. I can’t wait until Tuesday and my new G tube port. It’s going to be so nice to not have a big ugly, in the way, tube hanging from my tummy. I’ll be able to be (safely) so much more active. Just you wait! -Heath

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1/31/19 - Hair-Loss, Skin Issues and Teething

You may have noticed that my hair has changed. not only is it so much lighter now, but it’s thinner, too. It’s been something Mom has become pretty sad about, but we are working on getting my skin healthy. It’s the medicines, unfortunately. The immuno-suppressant medicines I take are really hard on my skin and in turn, my scalp. So, unhealthy skin/scalp equals hair loss. Mom gives me a colloidal oatmeal bath twice a week and it really helps. The morning before my bath, she just started coating my head in colloidal oatmeal balm and rubs my scalp. Then, after my bath, before I get dressed I get colloidal oatmeal balm all over my body; head to toe. It’s the only thing that we have found that works. We tried so many different lotions and washes that are supposed to help, but nothing seems too except the colloidal oatmeal stuff. So, hopefully, after doing this for a few weeks, we will see a difference. I get really itchy before bath day though and it makes Mom really sad. We will figure it out. I think at my appointment with my transplant team next week, we are going to see if it’s okay for me to try taking an Omega 3 supplement. Mom thinks it will help, after doing some reading. So, we will see. Other than all the hair and skin drama from medicines, I’m doing pretty good. It’s been kind of a stressful week, but I am lost in my own little world and so concerned with teething right now that I could care less about anything else. I just chew, chew, chew on my teething keys and anything else that I can. Mom has to change my shirt during the day from all of the drool. My teeth are coming though and that’s so exciting! Hopefully I’ll have some before my birthday! -Heath

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1/30/19 - So Much

Today had it’s ups and downs. I was so happy to wake up, eat my breakfast, get my medicines and then see my Grandpa come thru the front door! He and I are best buds. Mom went to work for a while, so He and I played tractors and watched cartoons. It was great. When Mom came home, I know she expected me to be napping, but I was still going. Wild and happy and crazy fun times! grandpa went home and Mom and I called to schedule all kinds of appointments we have been trying to organize. That’s something people who don’t have a life like mine, just don’t understand. It’s really hard to stay organized and we take a lot of time making phone calls, traveling and all the other stuff, just to make sure I get to appointments. So, after a few hours of calls, we got my G Tube change scheduled for next week, my labs and general heart check up and Echocardiogram re-scheduled for the same day so we only have to travel once, and also got my Physical and Speech therapy set up with a new provider. Our old therapy “providers” kept canceling or just not showing up for in-home therapy, so we are taking the risk of going to a hospital close to us for my therapies. Hopefully they will respect that I am immuno-suppressed and be very honest with us if anyone is sick. It’s a little scary, to be honest. Now, the G Tube change appointment is a big deal and we were so excited to get in next week for it because not only is my current feeding tube completely and literally falling apart, but we just want the new “button” so there is less for me to pull on. Mom is scared I’ll pull my tube out. I mean, I do play with it often when I can spot it or feel it, but I don’t pull too hard. It would hurt. Anyhow, we got a lot done today. I had a fun day with Grandpa. I also had the best cat nap in the toasty sunshine (even though Mom said it was -26*F outside today at noon!). We always lay a cozy blanket down in front of the patio door for me so I can look outside, enjoy the warm sunshine and i just love the spot. When i woke up from the nap, I was all giddy and played with my toys. I love to bang, destroy and kick everything right now. Mom calls my Mr. Destruction. I don’t think I’m that bad. Just wild. -Heath

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1/29/19 - Medicine Drama

I had a really good day today for the most part. The part that wasn’t good was the part when I urped up some of my breakfast this morning. It’s not like I totally barfed all over or anything. I always keep my food down. I’m doing good with food. Today, though, I was just really wild and crazy and got myself too worked up. In the mornings, I get my medicine at 8am and get tube fed after that. Later, after I have settle a little and we feel safe that my medicine has absorbed, I will eat food with a spoon, too. So, this morning when I urped up right after my tube feed, it was pretty scary because I might have urped my medicine up, too. Mom had left for work and Dad let her know what happened. I guess she was upset and scared about it, so she called my transplant team. They said not to re-dose my medicine, because it should have mostly absorbed after about a half hour. They said to be careful with my next dose at 8pm, too. So, Mom relaxed a little. It’s so scary though. I don’t think that people who don’t live our life really understand how important medicine is to a transplantee, like me. If my medicine, specifically the anti-rejection/immuno-suppression ones, gets messed up in any way…well, it could mean that my body attacks and kills my donor heart. that sounds dramatic, but it’s really that big of a deal. When ever I go to the doctor, I get my blood drawn so they can check my medicated levels and see if i’m getting too much or too little medicine to keep my immune system at bay. My immune system, the thing that is supposed to protect me, is my donor heart’s enemy. We have been really good about medicine since I came home, but its scary. One time, we changed my pharmacy and my one medicine got messed up…a couple weeks later, a cath lab to check up on my heart showed some rejection. That’s how quickly things can change. Well, anyhow, that is today’s short-lived drama. I’m good. I had so much energy and fun today. I think the new food is really doing the trick. -Heath

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1/28/19 - Naps Are Life

I know I’m growing up and stuff, but I’m almost sure that I will never not like naps. I don’t nap as much as I used too, but I love a good afternoon snooze on the floor, in the sunshine still. I like to have a good hour, if Mom let’s me. Today was so much fun. I woke up to see all kinds of snow outside. We had a lot! Like a lot! I was supposed to go to Milwaukee for a doctors appointment to look at my vocal cord, but with the snow, Mom didn’t think it was safe to take me so far; I got to stay home instead. It was nice! So, while Mom was at work, Dad was with me and we made plans on how to plow it all when she got home. When I get bigger and stronger, I can go play in it, he told me. It’s going to be so much fun! For now though, I’ll enjoy the warm house. Speaking of warm, today I had myself another bath and I think I’m outgrowing my bath tub? Well, almost. I have a plastic tub from Grandma that is little and has a seat in it. It’s supposed to make bath time safer. Now that I’m a little bigger though, when I stretch out in the tub, my feet touch the end. So, I think Mom and I will be deciding on the next way to give me a bath safely. Any suggestions? It’s nice not to have to fill up the big people tub, so we don’t waste water. So, we will come up with something. I also have to be kind of careful not to soak in water above my feeding tube site (not too deep). It’s not that big of a deal. Anyhow, after my warm nap and my warm bath, I played so hard. My new food has been going great and I have so much energy now, so when I was playing with my crinkly book in my chair tonight, I got wild! Dad was across the couch and I would hit my book and make it make noise and then he would do it. Then me; then him. It was a blast. I kicked and yelled all excited. Mom just laughed. We are all so happy nowadays. I think I will sleep pretty good tonight, once I settle down. Good Night. -Heath

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1/27/19 - Oatmeal

I tried something new today; banana oatmeal. Well, it’s baby rice cereal…I like it though. At first, Mom gave me a bite and I made some funny faces. What a weird texture! It was warm, too, which threw me for a loop. The last thing I had that was warm, was some mashed potatoes. So, to have warm food with a weird gritty texture was something I didn’t expect. I did end up really liking it though and ate most of what Mom made for me. I put some in my hair, too, in-case I wanted it later. Sometimes, my puppy Lilly, will come and sniff me like I smell good. She tries to steal my hair food. Silly dog! Mom cleaned me up good when I was done eating today. The warm belly full of food made me extra sleepy and I took myself an hour and a half nap. That’s a really long afternoon nap for me. Usually I only nap about fifteen minutes or so. I didn’t nap again today, so that was probably way too long of a nap. It was nice though. I was kind of disappointed I was sleeping when my Grandpa was here and didn’t get to see him. He helped Daddy with round bales for the horses. We are supposed to get a big snow storm tonight. Mom said the snow that is supposed to come could be as tall as I am! That is so crazy to imagine. I haven’t touch snow yet, but I know that it is cold. I’m so happy to be all snuggled in my blankie right now, getting ready for bed. -Heath

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1/26/19 - Little Shop Man

My family owns a precision machining shop and somedays I go to work with my Mom. We spray sanitizer down and make sure I’m safe from yucky germs, don’t worry. Anyhow, I love sitting inthe office in Grandpas special “boss” chair. It’s broke in and so comfy. I watch cartoons and wait for my Mommy to finish her office work up. It’s pretty nice. Most days, Grandpa will push me around the shop when the guys are on lunch and show me all the cool stuff. It’s really fun to ride around on the big chair. Today, I sat up and watched Clifford The Big Red Dog and snuggled in my blankie. I think someday, when I’m big, I might enjoy being a machinist. We will see. I love the shop though. -Heath

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1/25/19 - Cucumber

You would have been so proud of me today, guys! I sucked on a cucumber wedge! Like knawed on and sucked the juice out of it! It’s such a hug ordeal! I’ve never ever sucked on anything but my thumb like that. It’s been such a hard thing for me to learn. I’ve never wanted a bottle or binkie or anything like that. Today, though, Dad was eating cucumbers and let me try some. I started liking it and decided to munch on it. Then, i was suddenly sucking the juice out of it. It made my Mom tear up a little. Such a great moment in my progress. I know it may sound so simple, but it’s the start of me learning to drink. When I learn to drink, the feeding tube can come out. When that comes out, I’m “normal”. The feeding tube is the biggest health thing we are dealing with right now, besides managing my heart. So, anyhow, I really like cucumbers. We are going to keep trying them every day for a while and then maybe some other things that are similar. Do you have any ideas for juicy vegetables or fruits that I may like and can suck on? We are thinking maybe I could try watermelon, mango or tomato wedges next? I can’t have anything with Grapefruit or Pomegranate because it will mess with my medicines in a bad way. If you have any ideas, though, let me know. -Heath

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1/24/19 - Flannel Kinda' Man

I started my new food today. Mom said it smells like Chicken Pot Pie. That’s a little weird, but I tried a little taste and liked it. I won’t eat this by mouth, but i could if I wanted. It’s a little too soupy, though. So, I had it thru my tube today and am tolerating it well so far. Keep me in your prayers. If I do well with this transition, it’s a big deal! I felt really good all day and have a lot of energy. That is a good sign! I was in my flannel PJ’s all day today and it was wonderful. I went to Grandpa’s house for a minute and said Hi. He liked my PJ pants and said I was cool. I feel cool. I’m definatly a flannel kinda man. I have outgrown most of my flannel now, though, so we may have to find more in my size. I’m already outgrowing 18 month clothes! I can’t believe it! Neither can mom! I wear 24 month clothes most days now. They are a little big, but the 18 month clothes are just too short. I have a long body. My doctors still think I’ll be tall. Hey, I forgot to tell you that at my last appointment I was almost 19lbs! I grew a bunch! I’m still teething and drooling right now. It’s made my days a little up and down emotionally because it doesn’t feel very good. I’m getting excited for teeth, though. I like to chew really hard on stuff right now, to try to help them come thru. I think that’s all for today. -Heath

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1/23/19 - Heath Time

Yesterday was a long day and we just kind of re-cooped today. I had the best bath ever. Just played and splashed and soaked in the warm water. Loved it! So, yesterday, I went into my appointment with my G.I. doctor…remember? We talked with her and my dietitian about moving forward towards getting to my goal of getting this tube out (my feeding tube) in 2019. Since I have been tolerating G (stomach) feeds and also tolerating purees, too, we decided to make a food change and plan to get the J (intestines) portion of my tube removed. This means I will be scheduled for a procedure to remove my G/J tube set up completely and then the care team will “install” something called a “button”. Right now I have something called a PEG tube. It’s a pain in the butt, but it’s very secure. The care team will need to put me under general anesthesia to remove it, unfortunately. The new Button G port, however, is very easy to put in. It’s a device that is flatter and lies against my belly. It’s easier to open between feedings and medicines. It should make life alot easier for us. It will also make tummy time, crawling and travel much safer and more comfortable for me. So, we are really looking forward to the switch. My doctor said she was so happy with my progress with eating and tolerating foods. She said she didn’t expect this to happen so soon and that I defiantly work at my own pace; “Heath Time”. My doctors say that alot. Ha, ha. So, as for the food change, now that I’m almost one year old, I should be getting more solid/whole foods. Being that I’m not quite there yet orally, I need to still teach my body to accept those things, so we are switching my formula milk feeds to getting something that is complete nutrition whole foods. It’s called Nestle Pediatrics Compleat Organic whole food blends. It comes in packets and is in a puree form so we can get it to my tummy. I’m still eating by mouth and doing well, but this will ensure I’m getting all of my calories. I also started a multivitamin call Poly-Vi-Sol by Enfamil that is for babies transitioning from formula to whole foods. So, I’m all set up and ready to grow! -Heath

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1/22/19 - Eleven Months Old

Oh my gosh you guys, today was quite the day! First, I’m eleven months old today already! What?! That is so crazy and exciting and did I say crazy? I feel like I was just born. My first year is going so fast. Happy Eleven Month Birthday to me!

Unfortunately, I spent the day in Milwaukee at my hospital. It was supposed to be a “big” day and I was supposed to get my…boy stuff done (I couldn’t have it done when I was born like a normal little boy…because of everything). The surgeon wasn’t able to do my procedure, so it was almost a wasted trip. Mom was pretty upset. She had gotten me up at 4am, stopped my feeds as instructed, then drove me two and half hours in a literal snowstorm to get to our appointment and they just cancel. So, to try to save the day, we contacted all of our doctors with upcoming appointments and tried to get in early. Luckily, we were able to see my G.I. doctor and make use of our trip. It was a great appointment, too. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. -Heath

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1/21/19 - Green Beans

My Daddy’s favorite food ever is green bean anything. He loves them green beans so much he could eat them every single day. So, we found some for me to try! I like them, too! I tried a big spoonful and didn’t spit them out. Swallowed them down good. Yummy! Or maybe he just made them sound extra good? Either way, I like green beans now. We will have really fresh ones in our garden this summer that I can help pick, too. I’m pretty excited to do that. Mom said that our dogs like to try to steal the green beans from the garden when we are picking them, so we will have to be sneaky and get the good ones first. It sounds kind of fun. Do you like green beans? -Heath

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1/20/19 - Farm Kid

I had so much fun playing with my tractors today. For Christmas, my Grandma and Grandpa got me this one (in the picture) and it’s the best. Not only is it Red (Farmalls are the best!), but it’s a tractor toy and a pillow! So cool! I can’t wait for the weather outside to warm up so I can go outside and see more of our beautiful farm. I want to ride on a tractor this year! I want to see the cows and horses and play with the dogs out in our yard. Mommy promised to take me for lots of walks outside so I can see everyone. It’s going to be so much fun and such an adventure every single day. I have such a wonderful life. So thankful to be home. So, so happy to be home! You know what’s new, too? I recognize home now. Like when we get home from an appointment day, I get really smiley when I know we are in our long driveway. I make excited sounds to let Mom know I know we are home, too. That’s a good feeling. Knowing where “my” place is. My home. -Heath

2R Brand LLC