My dear little boy. I'm your great great grandmother on your Mom's side of the family. I take care of your great great great grandmother. We live together in Mauston, Wisconsin, not to far from your Mom and Dad's home. We were so happy when your Mom gave birth to a baby boy. Then cried when we found out you had a poorly functioning heart and needed a transplant. Heath, we pray for you before every meal and at bedtime and even more when we think of you during the day. Which is alot. We pray for God to send his angels to help Mom and Dad through the hardship and heartbreak of daily torture in seeing their baby boy suffer. My God bless you a billion plus times and find a really good heart for you. There are no more words that can express our feelings for you all. Please try to put a big smile on for your Mom and Dad and get a new heart real soon. Love you to pluto and back again. xxoo

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