I just checked in on your progress and I am soooo happy to hear the infection may have run its course. You look better in the pictures from yesterday. I wrote to you a few days ago and have been thinking about you and your family a lot. I read that Mom was not feeling much like a Mom on Mothers Day, but I want you and her to know, not only is she a mom, but she is a VERY STRONG mom and she is so very special to be there with you every day, reading to you probably helping you with your blog, I know you are a very good baby, but I bet she maybe had to help you with a word or 2 here or there lol jk. Give showing mommy that beautiful smile so she knows you are doing ok. I bet that makes her feel like a million bucks. Keep up the good work baby we are still praying for you. On another note I want you to know that sadly I am not made of money, but I am making you a promise that every chance I get to send a little some thing I will. 
Sarah Hewitt and Family

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