Good morning little buddy,
I want to tell you a story that B told me today. So Monday, B and her class went on a field trip. The place they went had a lot of wild animals that they were sick or injured and needed to be fixed up so they could go back into the wild and be with their family, just like you. But, there also was this big, huge, giant bluff that the kids were going to climb up. Well you see, your big strong cousin B is TERRIFIED of heights and when she saw how high up that bluff was, she said she couldn't do it. Just as she was turning around, B's best friend turned and grabbed her hand and said "Do it for Heath!" B all of a sudden her heart started pumping extra hard and said she felt like she could run up and down that bluff. Do you know why?? She said because I would do anything for my baby cousin Heath. 
Even though you haven't met these people, even though you haven't been able to leave your hospital bed; Heath, you have already touched so many lives. You are truly amazing!
So make sure you and mommy always know that it's okay to feel scared. It's okay to feel lost. It's okay to struggle. It's okay to fail. It's okay to be going through something difficult. It's okay! You are okay. Don't give up. Don't stop hoping. Don't stop believing. You're on your way to change, to growth, to the other side of all this. I know you can't pretend that this isn't hard. But hope isn't about pretending that dark times don't exist, it's about believing that darkness will not last forever. It's trusting that your heart will heal. It's choosing possibility over unfeasibility. So please just ditch the logic, ditch the odds and hold onto hope. A single drop of hope can be a very powerful thing. The universe loves a persistent heart!
Happy 3 months buddy!
I love you more than I can bear. 
Auntie Courtney

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