Hi, Little Heath! I know I haven’t met you yet, but you, your daddy & mommy and your family have been in mine & my mom’s (your cousin, Rena) prayers. We found out about what you’ve been going through a few days ago. I know it’s been tough, but keep hanging on. Yeshua’s (Jesus’) is going to bring something beautiful out of all this. His plans for you are life & joy and He’s created you with a purpose that only you can fill with Him by your side. May He overflow your heart with strength & heal it stronger than what it is was before.️
Tell your mommy I said hi & that I love her. She has been a blessing in my life and you’re very blessed to have her as your mom. We’ve had a lot of fun memories together. 
Yeshua’s many blessings to you, lil’ cousin. I hope to meet you soon! Love, your cousin, Lara

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