Dear Heath,
You've only met me twice but I'm your Auntie Courtney! Soon one day, you'll know how awesome of an Aunt I am and I promise will spoil the dickens out of you! I will ALWAYS be there for you, no matter how far away you are or how big of trouble you got into  
Your Uncle Q wants you to know, that even though he hasn't seen you much yet, that he loves you to the end of the world and is so happy that your mommy and daddy finally gave him a nephew. He's looking forward to officially meeting you when you come home. He's not much for changing diapers but once you get old enough to run and play outside, he'll show you lots of fun things to do! 
Your cousin Bailey or B as your mommy and I call her, talks about you all the time. She wonders how tall you'll be or if your hair will be blonde like your mommy's or darker like your daddy's. She loves when I show her pictures of you, especially when you were first born. She loved your chubby chubby cheeks and your long toes! She can't wait until she can hold you. But I told her that she may not be able to because if you keep growing like you are, you'll be bigger than her in no time! Auntie is pretty sure you're going to be big and tall just like your Uncle Jacob. 
I know that as you're getting older and more wiggly that you are getting upset with the tubes and the poking but just remember that everyone there is trying there very best to help you get better. You are such a big boy and im sure your a little scared just like mommy and daddy but you should know, that it's ok to be scared. Being scared just means that you're about to do something very very brave. 
I will never ever be able to tell you how much I love you my little Heath bar, but I promise I will always show you. So be good to your mommy today, no trying to pee on her while she's changing your diaper and be a little gentleman to all the nurses, like I know you already are, so they can take the best care of you! 
I promise that B and I will come visit you soon! 
We all love you to the moon and back,
Love Always and Forever,
Uncle Q, Auntie Courtney and B

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